Morning Knitting

I work retail, so busy holidays mean squeezing in some sanity knitting in the wee morning hours with a cup of coffee. This is “Raspberry Beret” from “A Stitch in Time: Heirloom Knitting Skills” by Rita Taylor.

What a gem of a book. It is divided into sections by traditional knitting history, with a stitch dictionary and a few patterns for each section. This is from the section on raised stitches. I love knitting + I love history = I love this book!

I have never knit a hat flat and seamed it before. Why would I? It seems like a waste of time. But I’ve always wanted to knit a bobble hat, and I figured it was time for me to try something different.

Now is the magical moment when I switch from the smaller ribbing needles and start the main pattern on the larger needles. It’s like twilight for knitting: the in-between time. It is also twilight outside at this very moment.

I love the short days of winter. I can experience twilight twice a day. The world seems quieter at twilight.

This yarn is also a non-descript, in-between color called St. Claire, in Arranmore Light by The Fibre Company. It is a sort of blue grey green neutral. It makes me think of ships in a harbor…

At twilight. (You knew that was coming.)

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