These Long Dark Nights


My Christmas Cactus is blooming, and I didn’t starve it of light this year. I moved it from the kitchen to my office, and fed it. I so much prefer this to punishing it in the coal chute. (We live in an old house with a basement that has a root cellar, which used to be a coal chute back when people used coal to heat their homes.)

Sometimes I think we do things that aren’t necessary because it was done once and we got the result we wanted, so our proven scientific method becomes the norm and the expert opinion. When, really, we could take a different path and get the same result.

We’ve had our first snowfall today, just a sprinkle. I’m trying to decide if I should go for a walk in it. I would, but I went on a six mile hike on Sunday, and my body is still recovering. I may do some yoga instead.

Look at this gorgeous pattern on Ravelry:


(Photo copyright Crissy Jarvis. I hope it’s okay for me to post as long as I give credit.)

I’m in love with this pattern. I can’t decide if I want to knit it, though. I love the finished product, but will I enjoy the process? I didn’t used to ask myself these questions, but as a more seasoned knitter, now I know what I am willing to suffer for the final result.  I will think about it.

The days are getting shorter and I get to enjoy more of my favorite time of the day, which is twilight. I love early morning twilight best, because I’m a morning person. I still love the evening twilight, but that’s when I start to get sleepy. I find twilight beautiful and quiet, and I think I blogged about this last year when I started that bobbledy tam in the in-between twilighty color of St. Claire. I decided to rip out the yarn and save it for a cowl that I hope may be inspired by our meandering walk on a mountain biking trail on Sunday.

I wish I were a better Raveler. I love to look at the patterns and like how it helps me stay more organized on projects. It’s also a great place to share. But I’d like to spend more time on the forums. It seems like a great place to go for knitting camaraderie when you don’t feel like leaving home.

Are you on Ravelry? Do you use the forums regularly? What’s your favorite thing about Ravelry?

3 thoughts on “These Long Dark Nights

  1. Your plant is beautiful!! All the better to enjoy when it’s snowy:)
    I love Ravelry way more than I should. I’m KarenF feel free to friend me. I like keeping track of my projects and stash and I do belong to more groups than I have time for on the forum. My favorite thing is using different parts of Ravelry when I run into an issue with a pattern. I like to read through the helpful projects for the pattern I am going to knit so I have suggests for things people have done differently or known issues with a pattern. I also like to read through any forum posts that talk about the pattern. There is a wealth of information on Ravelry.
    I saw that hat pattern! It is lovely and so tempting:)

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  2. I use Ravelry more than other social networks now, I’m Highlandheffalump on Ravelry too. I use the stash database and patterns but I do also belong to a number of groups on the forums. I joined in with BritSpin this year through Ravelry and that was nice and also joined in the Tour de Fleece, these both happen to be spinning groups, but I am also on some knitting groups and have received some great help and support.

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