New Year New Club New Studio Same Me

I’m very excited for the new Kate Davies club. I received this beautiful journal and a bag full of Milarrochy Tweed yarn! I admit I feel intimidated by this gorgeous blank journal. I look forward to starting the club. Until then, I’m afraid to make a mark in it.

I am starting to look around for washi tape and stencils, even though I feel silly since I’ve never used a bullet journal before and have no idea what I’m doing.

I am mostly moved into my new studio, where the above photo was taken, on my new standing desk. As I was moving and sorting I found some old artwork. If it aged well I went ahead and set it out. Why not?

I’m currently knitting away on my holiday red Carbeth. I’ve just started the sleeves.

And here is a photo inspired by skeinherder.

JoJo insists on curling up in my lap while I’m knitting, so I should be allowed to have a little fun, right?

Also, do you remember how Charlie Brown had a kite eating tree? I have a knitting needle eating couch.

3 thoughts on “New Year New Club New Studio Same Me

  1. My cat, Sully likes to “Help” me crochet. I crochet in bed, so he thinks he needs to sit on my chest and help feed the yarn along. He will also sit on my project and paw at my hands, so I will have to stop crocheting and give him his scratchings and pettings.

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  2. Beautiful red – looking forward to seeing your Carbeth! I am excited for the KDD club to start too! And also with the bullet journaling – it looks like a pretty nifty organization system, though the lovely new journal is a little intimidating 🙂

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