Hi. My name is Alissa and I look like my Grandma.


This was an accidental selfie that happened while I was trying to take a good selfie so I could show off my Carbeth and Brassica Hat with my new favorite flannel shirt. I was like, wow, there’s a photo of my Grandma. My sister says I’m her doppleganger.

The good side of this is I loved my Grandmother. I still love my Grandma, even though she is gone. I honestly can’t think of anyone I loved and trusted more. She was crafty (check) brusque (check) loving (check) controlling (check) funny (in her own way, check) and her hindsight was better than her foresight (check.)

The bad side is it is difficult to watch yourself age. 10 years ago I could take a selfie and feel pretty good about what I saw. Now every photo is, “Who is that old lady?!” I’m trying to accept it because there is only so much I am willing to do about it. I am focusing on my health and fabulous handmade, fair trade style… and not much else.

Here’s a photo of some yarn, just to keep this post on topic:


Isn’t it yummy? This is what I am thinking of making the Ohio Star stranded colorwork design with, which will probably be a cowl and a hat. However, the new Knitting Season design came out today, and just look at it in all its loveliness and glory:

knitting season hat.jpg

Photo © Kate Davies

I could see this hat in my Better Breakfast fingering, couldn’t you? It would be a subtler differentiation.

I will probably stick to my original plan because I have an entire palette of Milarrochy Tweed with which to make this hat! I also want to make Peerie Flooers, so, my queue keeps growing.

I’ve been struggling all week, and I’ve finally hit a wall. TGIF.

11 thoughts on “Hi. My name is Alissa and I look like my Grandma.

  1. You, dear friend, get more beautiful every year. In every way. I’m with you on the aging thing. Not a fan. But I often remind myself that it’s much better than the alternative. 😉

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  2. Your sweater and hat are fabulous and so are you!
    I don’t mind the looking older. I’ve had white hair since I was in my 20’s. It’s the feeling old that gets to me. I remember my mother and grandmother saying that they couldn’t eat this or that anymore, they weren’t sleeping well at night but could fall asleep in the afternoon with no effort and clothes didn’t fit the same because things had shifted. I’m starting to complain about the same things:(

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  3. Your jumper and hat look wonderful! Tiny Tim sounded crazy 🙂 My dog would have loved it and no doubt would have sang along, but unfortunately he’s deaf now and totally missed it. He isn’t too happy about this aging thing either.

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  4. I’m the same. I take after my mum’s side of the family but it took getting to 50 to really see the uncanny resemblance to my mother, aunt and grandmother. And my sister looks like our paternal grandmother. You wouldn’t know we were sisters!

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