Yeah, no.

I made a mistake when I bought this yarn for the Oa Hoodie. I probably could get 6 stitches to an inch with a DK, but would I want to wear that fabric? Stranded colorwork? Nope. I knew better. I can only blame myself.

My hope is to go ahead and purchase the yarn from KDD with my club discount and find something else to do with this lovely DK.

ETA: The yarn this pattern calls for is DK, but the pattern itself calls for sport weight. Very confusing! So maybe it’s a DK yarn knit tight at sport gauge? I tend toward loose knitting, so I’m not sure I would be able to get gauge with that yarn even if I tried.

I will be so glad when January is over. This month has really kicked my arse.

Enjoy some pics from my studio.

8 thoughts on “Yeah, no.

    1. Thanks! They were part of a larger grouping for a collaborative art show. A friend of mine bought a couple of them, so now I have those three left just sitting around. Free form wire knitting!


  1. I love your art work!!!! Free form wire knitting looks really interesting. Did you use anything special to do it? I mean, is the wire especially soft and pliable or did you use some special heavy duty knitting needles to knit with it?

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    1. I use 26 gauge wire and regular wooden knitting needles. It’s hard on the hands and the needles. Some of the finer work – of which not much is in this post – is stainless silk from Habu Textiles. It’s easier to work, but doesn’t hold up as well as the wire.

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      1. Ok, thanks. I tried to crochet wire once and it was really difficult. I don’t remember what the gauge was. For years now I’ve been toying with the idea of chicken wire “sculptors” for the garden but I’ve done nothing about it. Maybe one day.

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  2. Great pictures! You have some interesting and beautiful projects going – would love to see more about them. It’s a shame that yarn won’t work for Oa, but it is lovely, so will definitely work for something else.

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