Studio Sunday

I finally did it. I finally exceeded my yarn to storage tub ratio. This means one of the other tubs will need to be emptied, and I’m leaning toward the fabric tub.

I’m making decent progress on the Hitofude Cardigan. I think I’ll be mostly monogamous until it’s finished. It’s exactly the kind of pattern I like: repetitive, intuitive, but enough stitch pattern to hold my interest.

Although let’s be honest, I really enjoy a good stockinette project.

I signed up for the Shave’em to Save’em initiative. It will be a while before I start as I am on a spending fast, but I’m hoping to pick up some yarn from an Ohio farm.

I mended the neckline of Bob’s Gansey. It looks pretty good.

My new-to-me sewing machine is THE BOMB! Who needs a serger when you’ve got zig zags like that?

I’m not sure what to do today other than reorganizing. I think I’d like to start some PJs and start on the Bramen Cowl assignment.

I hope you’re having a good weekend full of craft magic!

7 thoughts on “Studio Sunday

  1. Your Hitofude is looking great – such pretty yarn! No need to do anything extreme – possibly you just need more yarn tubs? Thanks for the info on the Shave’Em to Save ‘Em” program – what a great initiative. I just joined too 🙂

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  2. I started reading this hours ago and got side tracked into looking to see if we had a British Wool passport and then getting side tracked looking at British wool breeds and wondering if I could get some sheep and our local sheep farmer would let them graze with his…honestly it’s amazing how a mind can be whisked off by creative thoughts inspired by your own creativity.

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  3. Shave’Em to Save ‘Em sounds like a great idea, how long do you think before it makes it over to us in the UK??
    I love that your solution is just to re-jig tubs rather than something silly like getting rid of precious yarn!

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