Weekend Update

I started my Emerson Pants, mini-swatched the new sweater, and carded some wool.

I am wondering if I have the wherewithal to make my own jeans. Wouldn’t it be great to have jeans that fit perfectly? I think so too. I will have to think about that.

7 thoughts on “Weekend Update

  1. So many diverse projects, and all looking great! You can definitely make your own jeans! Store bought ones are never quite right – too long or short or tight or loose. Your own just to fit you would be awesome!

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  2. You left a comment on my blog that you are selfish knitter. I would never say that about you. We knit for many many reasons. Knitting helps us become better people. I know many many knitters who only knit for themselves. That is not a bad thing at alL!

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