Saturdeee WIPs

I’m making a little progress on Staghorn from A Fine Fleece. I decided I want to try to finish it before Celtic Colours so I’m making an effort to work on it more.

Celtic Myths is also coming along. If I stick to my goal of knitting two chart repeats of the border every week, I should be done by October. The mussel shell bug is a handmade treasure from my stepdaughter. As a rule, cockroaches are something I cannot abide, but these are charming. Probably because they don’t move unless I move them.

Lilac Heather Cumulus Blouse is also growing. This is great TV knitting.

I ordered some new cotton yarn. The Nature Cotton is my favorite and I used to design with it, but it’s now discontinued, so I bought up what I could find. The multi is Tolhuaca and worsted, but I think if I knit with two strands it might match the gauge of the bulky. I’m planning to type up one of my old designs and put it on Ravelry. I already have photos and everything, so I’m hoping this is a good baby step for me.

10 thoughts on “Saturdeee WIPs

  1. I love that cable design, looking very elegant! I’ve got two different projects going on at the same time as well, one I have to concentrate a bit more, and the other one is mostly stockinette, relaxed and easy TV knitting. xx

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  2. I absolutely love that jumper pattern! I am going to try to get a copy of that book. I am not usually a shawl person, but I have just downloaded the pattern form Ravelry – just love that cable pattern. Thank you for inspiring me. πŸ™‚

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  3. I was looking at the bug and thinking that you have some really strange looking creatures out there and gosh, it’s quite big too and funny how it looks like a mussel. Only then I read the text; oh, it’s handmade πŸ™‚ Very cool. I love the cables, too.

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  4. ll your projects are looking wonderful! You are making great progress! I love the little mussel bugs πŸ™‚ So cute! Celtic Colors looks like a pretty good time! We have a small Celtic fest here, and had a somewhat larger one we used to go to back in Pennsylvania. But that looks like a huge festival!

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  5. So many projects and so much progress! They’re all looking good. I like your new yarn – new yarn is always so yummy; not to mention all the potential in it! πŸ™‚ And the mussel shell bug – definitely adorable, I’d have a bunch of them on my table!

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  6. Celtic Myths is so beautiful, after a quick peek at Ravelry I think your colour choice might be the best.
    We have a Celtic Connections festival in Glasgow, which is always brilliant. My only complaint is that they always put on several workshops at the same time and I want to go to them all!

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