Shimmering Silver Lady

Mildlygranola has me convinced to make a Weekender by Andrea Mowry with her. I admit to flirting with the idea of this pattern, but I never committed. I am ready.

Do you remember this yarn? It’s Scout by Kelbourne Woolens. The gauge is spot on for me for Weekender since I’m a loose knitter. And I have almost enough of the green to make it! I only need one skein. I do have enough of the silver, and I do love me a silver sweater which matches my silvery hair making me swan about like a shimmering silver lady (hence the title of this blog.)

But greeeeeen… deep verdant earthy evergreen.

I only need one skein. I’m going to go to my local yarn shop tomorrow to see if she has one more skein of this. If she doesn’t, I’ll probably cry. But maybe I’ll find it on the internet.

I considered waiting until our trip to Nova Scotia in case there was some special yarn there I would like to buy, but realized I don’t want to lug home a sweater quantity of yarn. Maybe one or two skeins of something special!

I’m still waiting on the new zipper for my jeans. Today I serged the edges on all the pieces and did some top stitching. I’m taking great care with these as I want them to fit well, and I’d like to be able to take them in and let them out as needed.

I lost another 5 pounds, making it 18 pounds total. My old jeans fit more comfortably now and I’m ready to take the larger sizes down to the basement. I save my old jeans since my weight fluctuates so much.

I’m almost finished with Lilac Heather Cumulus Blouse.

How is your Sunday going? I cleaned the bathroom, the stove, and my car interior today, but I’m still having a good day. 😁

17 thoughts on “Shimmering Silver Lady

  1. The title made me think of only one thing, please forgive me.

    King Arthur: The Lady of the Lake, her arm clad in the purest shimmering samite, held aloft Excalibur from the bosom of the water, signifying by divine providence that I, Arthur, was to carry Excalibur. That is why I am your king.

    Dennis: Listen. Strange women lying in ponds distributing swords is no basis for a system of government. Supreme executive power derives from a mandate from the masses, not from some farcical aquatic ceremony.

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  2. Good plan not carrying home a sweaters worth of yarn. You’ll want to be able to bring home a few different skeins:)
    I like both the green and the silver. If you can’t find the extra skein at your lys it’s bound to be available online.

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      1. I will definitely try!! Next check I’ll be picking up the yarn for it, and will hopefully have at least mycroft finished. Only have about 4 inches of the body and the sleeves to do.

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  3. Shimmering silver lady, I like that! I envy people who get salt and pepper hair. I have a slightly darkening blond hair and that is never going to go salt and pepper. Sunday has turned into Monday now but on Sunday I knitted a pair of mittens with leftover yarn and watched Dukes of Hazzard. I really wanted to go out for a long walk but it was pouring with rain all day, so I didn’t bother.

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