All The Things – A List

  1. Vogue Knitting Live is in Columbus this weekend, and I signed up for two lectures on Saturday. I was impressed by my own restraint. I signed up for Sketch to Knit and Heirloom Wool Production. These seem right down my alley. I did not sign up for any classes as I think I already know it all, and as we already know, I don’t. But there was nothing on the class list I felt compelled to spend three hours of my time on. I do plan to spend three hours in the marketplace shopping.
  2. I’m not sure if I told you this, but I also registered for Midwest Craft Con. It happens in late February, hopefully not while I’m in Kenya for work, which I think will happen in early February.
  3. When I returned from vacation, after catching up on work email etc, I turned around and traveled to Indy for work. It was a good and productive trip, but I’m knackered and I took today off since I worked events on Saturday and Monday. I’m a little under the weather, which always happens when I get stressed out, and one of these days I guess I’ll learn I can’t do all the things. I haven’t learned it yet, though.
  4. I love my handmade PJ pants so much, I want to sew some flannel ones for winter. This should be an easy thing to do, except I don’t have any flannel fabric. Where do I buy ethically made flannel fabric? I will try Sew to Speak today. I might also try Dabble and Stitch. Or maybe I will buy this unicorn fabric and call it a day? Done. That was way too easy.
  5. img_6679Here is my Weekender progress. Do you think I can finish this in time to wear to Vogue Knitting Live on Saturday? Unlikely, but it might be worth a go.
  6. img_6681My yarn arrived from Canada. (I had to ship it to myself as we only carried on one bag each.) I want to get started on these before my inspiration wanes. I think the merino bulky is too soft for thrummed mittens. I really like yarn for my mittens and gloves to have some tooth. Maybe I will knit a cowl? It’s super soft.
  7. I am currently listening to How to Be a Woman by Caitlin Moran on Audible. Not only is it hilariously written, it is also hysterically read by the author. I highly recommend. It is slightly filthy, so if you don’t love English potty mouth, as I do, then it might not be for you. Also, she does not mince words. I love this.
  8. I have my microphone and I have Audacity. It is time to record my first episode of The Just Craft.
  9. I am back down to my pre-vacation weight!

16 thoughts on “All The Things – A List

  1. I have so much to say about this post. 1. I’m so incredibly jealous of VKL. Take lots of pictures and tell us all about it. 2. Craft Con sounds amazing. Why didn’t I know about all of the cool stuff around Columbus when I went there for work? 3. I hope you are feeling better soon. Drinking tea, knitting, and not leaving your couch will help. 4. Have you ever thought of doing a post on ethical sources for craft materials? I would love that information and will probably never research it myself. 5. I think you can finish that sweater by Saturday. The sleeves go fast. 6. Those handwarmers are ballsmazing. I’m sorry I can’t think of a better word to describe how great they are. 7. That book is wonderful. 8. I can’t wait. 9. Damn, lady! You deserve a high five!
    Phew. All that commenting wore me out.

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  2. Wow – you have a lot going on. So jealous about Vogue Knitting! Have a wonderful time and great shopping! Can’t wait to hear about it 🙂 Good for you getting back to your pre-vacation weight so quickly! You are making great progress on your weekend, and you can definitely get it done by the weekend. And then show it off at Vogue Knitting!

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  3. Wow so much going on! Have fun at the craft events. I’m realising super soft chunky merino is not working out on some fingerless mitts I made and think I’m going to frog them and make a cowl…wish I’d read this post before I made them. 😁. I clicked on the unicorn fabric link but it didn’t work, so I’m super excited to see it when it’s finished. That reminds me, I must take my sewing machine in for a service today. Congratulations on losing vacation weight so quick! I’m at my biggest I’ve ever been and we go away for a week soon, so I’ve had to buy trousers that are a size up for the holiday 🤦🏻‍♀️

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  4. That’s some list! You go to Kenya for work??!!! I only ever got to go to Brookings or Washington DC, neither of which were great places. DC wasn’t bad, but it’s very expensive and January is a rather ugly time of year. 😉 Take some pictures for us!

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