12 thoughts on “It is…

  1. I have an old picture frame that hasn’t got a glass. I’m planning on turning the frame into a loom. I’d like to weave big rectangle pieces and sew them into a cardigan/robe of sorts. I’m not sure which century this might happen… Your Christmas cactus is very beautiful.

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      1. Placemat is a great idea too. It’s a great way to use yarn remnants. I should maybe weave something smaller first before even thinking about a cardigan. I’ve only done bookmarks and bracelets so far. It’s great fun though!

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  2. Well I’m still playing catch-up on blog posts from having no WiFi for a week. I look forward to seeing how this progresses. I’ve seen some lovely things woven on looks like this and then attached to some drift wood at the top and bottom as a wall hanging. I keep meaning to have a go one day.

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