Wobbly Wednesday

I’m still trying to get over the fatigue of this flu. I’m hoping this is my last day spent mostly in bed. I took a couple of days off work to rest.

Sarah sent me my project bag for completing The Weekender. Isn’t it wonderful? And she included a treasured skein of precious Garden Wool and Dye yarn. Thank you!

I finished my slippers and have felted them. They are blocking and drying now. They are looking pretty lumpy and I’m not thrilled with how I can still see the stitch work. But they fit and I’m sure at some point they’ll need a wash and felt up a bit more.

Today I’m thankful Bob is the cook and I don’t have to worry about Thanksgiving dinner. I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving if you are celebrating!

10 thoughts on “Wobbly Wednesday

  1. I hope you get well soon. Many people are coming down with cold around here as well. My husband and I have started to feel sore throat, we are squeegeeing fresh lemon and drinking lemon tea for few days now 😷

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  2. That smokey blue yarn is gorgeous! Lucky you – know what you’ll make with it yet?

    When I felted slippers, I did the last of the felting on my feet (in summer!) and let them nearly dry in place. They ended up with arch support from being fitted to my feet.

    Hope you are able to give thanks for renewed health and energy this Thanksgiving day!

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