Oh Hi Bloggy

Why yes I did spend all afternoon putting my yarn stash on Ravelry and I’m only halfway through. Yikes! I didn’t think I had that much.

Check out the fabric I got for my Billie jumpsuit. What do you think? Awesome hipster ravens and twig trees? Or… little kid western PJ vibe? Or both? It can be both, right? I’m going for it. I can always wear the jumpsuit as PJs.

Back to cataloguing my yarns.

10 thoughts on “Oh Hi Bloggy

  1. The fabric reminds me of a book I read called The Eagle Tree, even though it doesn’t look like an Eagle that’s what sprung to mind. I have all my stash on Ravelry and have matched patterns in my queue to a good proportion of my stash, so I have no excuses to buy yarn next year…I have more than enough queued items to last a couple of years lol. Cute mug, I feel like that some days.

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  2. The fabric is awesome! Very neat pattern – it will make a great jumpsuit or pjs. Anything really! It can definitely be sobering documenting your yarn 🙂 But it does definitely make it easier to go through your stash when you start a project.

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