I’m Obsessed

A friend shared these videos with me on Facebook. I am casting them to my TV and watching them on repeat.

I have no desire to make something like this myself. But I am enjoying the magic.

Twilight Toujours is slowly getting finished. We are in transition crunch time at work, which is stressful, but it will be so good when it’s done. I may not get out of my PJs this weekend, though.

I found my coat pattern!

yates coat

(photo credit Grainline Studio)

This is the Yates Coat. It is appropriate for my wool fabric, and it looks like it will be a good choice for my first coat. Not easy, but easy for a coat.

Sarah is making an Oxbow Cardigan this year and wants me to sign on for a Thanksgiving knitalong again. I’m game, even though it’s not on my list (yet)!

I want to make a black cardigan. My wardrobe needs this. I want to choose yarn from an heirloom breed. I found some Black Welsh Mountain yarn and the farm is participating in Shave’Em to Save’Em. I calculated my totals for the Oxbow Cardigan. $450! (insert flabbergasted emoji here)

I know the yarn is worth it, and we need to support our farmers and heirloom breeds. But I simply feel like I cannot afford that. I mean, I’m holding off on buying a new serger and a better sewing machine. That cardigan yarn would be 2/3 of the way to a new machine.

So, I’m going to hold off on any black bulky yarn purchasing for now, but with the full intention of adding Oxbow Cardigan to my list this year.

And maybe if I am very very very good and do not spend any of my crafting allowance on other things and save it up, I could buy the yarn I really want? That’s still a lot of fed mouths. But it could be a sweater that lasts the rest of my life, so maybe a good investment? And I would feel good about the yarn I purchased. I will have a long think on it.

Check out my beautiful son wearing the hat I made him (which makes me happy) but giving me snark.


Gotta go. He is introducing me to 8 out of 10 Cats Does Countdown.

9 thoughts on “I’m Obsessed

  1. The hat looks great on you son and he looks very happy to be wearing it:)
    I love the coat style! So wearable. You can dress it up or down depending on your mood. It will be a win:)
    Yikes!! $450 for yarn for a bulky sweater. I couldn’t do it. Maybe there is another way. Do you spin? Buy the fiber and spin the yarn? I don’t know what to tell you.

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    1. I don’t spin well enough to do that. I am thinking maybe this is my sheep breed and I will have the fiber mill spun. Then I will have my yarn and I can sell some of it to recoup expenses. This is a very long view! 😆

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  2. I’m glad you are game for an Oxbow KAL, but oh my gosh that is a lot of money for a sweater. I like the longview of that being your sheep breed. I need to figure out the yarn I’m going to use for mine, but it sounds like I really need to figure out a budget before I hit the fiber festivals. The coat is really cute, I can’t wait to see it in progress.

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  3. Very cool coat pattern! Boy, that is a lot of money for yarn for one sweater. You’re right, it is supporting the small farmers and rare breeds, but still. That’s a lot.
    The hat really suits your son 🙂

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  4. Good grief that’s a lot of money!! I thought the last sweater quantity I looked at was too expensive at 90-odd pounds! Maybe you could ask for some skeins as birthday/Christmas presents so you don’t have to buy the whole lot yourself?

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    1. That’s a good idea. I was also thinking I might use my Fairlight Fibers gift card toward J&S Shetland Aran in Coil Boack. It would be a lot less expensive and I could buy a hank or two of the Black Welsh Mountain for an accessory.


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