Craft Corner

Bob and I got rid of an old couch we don’t need anymore and turned a corner of the living room into my craft corner. I’ve already broken it in with some jeans hemming. I foresee the shelves on the right slowly being taken over by craft supplies.

Just in case you were wondering, this is my tassel maker set from Katrinkles. I don’t make tassels very often, but these are so adorable I had to have them. I also signed up for her stitch marker of the month club!

Thanks to everyone who suggested I should color in the Winter’s Fern chart. Since the gold is my favorite color of the three, I made it the main color.

You would think someone with a degree in art would spend more time coloring, drawing, and sketching. But that is never something I think to do. I will try to do more of it when I am planning projects.

I’m going to finish up my Tread Hats and then start my Jessica Jones Cowl. What are you working on?

16 thoughts on “Craft Corner

  1. The crafting corner looks great and so do the colours you’ve been mapping out ready for your project, a great idea and something I need to remember in future. I must finish Allistar’s hat, then I can start something new woohoo

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  2. So now I’m back! I had to think about those tassel makers for a bit before it sunk in how to use them..😂 duh! Your chart looks like what I made when choosing colors this week, it is much easier to color in the squares and see the result. Yours looks splendid.🙂

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