Friday Eve

Work has been crazy busy, but I found time on Sunday to start my Billie Jumpsuit.

The bottom is looking and feeling very like kid PJs. About 12 years ago, I was sewing a lot and selling my wares at craft shows, and a friend suggested I should design children’s clothing. Maybe she was right?

I am hoping once I get the top on, it will look more like something a grown up would wear in public. If it doesn’t, I’ll add some feet and own it!

My sewing machine is giving me tension trouble. I thought I had fixed it with the use of the correct bobbins, but I was too optimistic. My old Singer has the same problem.

I think I’ll go ahead and get a new sewing machine and a serger. I’ll test them out on Saturday to make sure I like the Jukis I’ve heard so much about. I don’t want to damage my expensive fabric on a cheap machine. It isn’t worth it! Plus it’s frustrating and sucks all the joy out of my sewing time. Maybe I will find someplace to donate my old machines.

On the knitting front, I’m finishing up another Tread. I will start my Jessica Jones cowl before my trip so I can knit on the plane. I heard we struck wool in Kenya, and was told to bring my needles! I’m excited!

14 thoughts on “Friday Eve

  1. Tension issues are so frustrating, BUT I have learned the hard way to check these when it happens: Rethread, redo the bobbin, change the needle, blow out the bobbin area. I am always caught off guard, and have finally learned to do all of these before I touch anything else…it only took me 30 years :0! I had this problem last month, changed my needle, and perfect tension, just like that. (of course I did everything else, before I remember that a new needle can be what’s needed LOL!) I take mine in for a take-apart-cleaning job by a repair guy about every three years.

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  2. Oh go one, put feet on it anyway ;-).
    Tension trouble is the pits. Have you tried having the machines serviced? I have a cheap 30 year old Singer that works like a dream. (Mind, it will probably start messing about now I’ve said that out loud.)

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    1. I’m wondering if you have a better model. My machine from the 80’s is a better model, but it’s just old now. My new one is the very bottom of the line basic machine, and it’s never been good. My Grandmother struggled on it, too.

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      1. My singer is old and not expensive – we were young and not well off. Think I paid about £30 in 1987. Bought it to make my wedding dress.
        I confess I do have a lovely Bernina too now, but still do a fair amount on the old Singer


  3. The jumpsuit will be amazing, but as for right now it does look like a pair of Hannah Anderssen pajama pants. I hope you get your knitting mojo back on the plane. I can’t wait to hear about your trip and I hope there is gobs of yarn.

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