Wisconsin Babes!

I am in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin for work and I got to meet up with Kathy B from the compassionknit blog! It was so lovely to meet her in person! We met at a Mexican restaurant and chatted and ate wonderful food. She also gave me a lovely little pouch and cable needle set. I love meeting my “blog friends” in person! I think we need a name for this group so we’ll have one ready when we all go on a knitting trip to Shetland together.

I finished Bob’s Tread Hat and brought another with me (for Hans) since I am now thinking I may not have enough Hogsmeade Justice for the Jessica Jones cowl. It looks like it should be held double, so I’ve got to crunch some numbers!

Giveaway! There’s a movie reference in the title. The first person to comment correctly will win a prize which will include: 1 hank of yarn, 1 stitch marker, and 1 handmade project bag sewn on my new Juki machine! It really is a great machine. I can’t wait to get home and give it a whirl!

It’s so cold here I am wearing my Twilight Toujours over my pajamas in bed.

14 thoughts on “Wisconsin Babes!

  1. I always call my internet friends my imaginary friends:) You are so lucky turning them into real live friends:)
    When I hear the voice of a blogger for the first time (like when I listen to your podcast!) I hear their blog in that voice when I read it:)

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  2. Alyssa, It was so lovely of you to meet up after your very very long drive. It was great to chat. I’m glad the Mexican place was nice and quiet and we could hear one another and enjoy a meal . Stay warm, and its perfectly n0rmal to wear clothes to bed, even jackets: see Scene from Fargo with Margie wearing her knitted sweater to bed! Gee Norm thats TErriff

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  3. I’m jealous that you were able to meet each other. I would love to meet you both. I hope you were able to have a wonderful time together. I’m sad I missed out on the the quiz, I would have actually known that one. Stay warm! Buy yarn!

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