Cheating for the Win

I’ve had a rough couple of weeks. The harder I try to fix things, the more complicated I make them. Suffice it to say, things have not been going my way. (Although they certainly could be worse!)

Today I cleaned up my craft corner, but I was afraid to give either one of my new machines a go. I didn’t have the patience to learn something new or the tolerance for any more frustration. But… I was itching to sew, to try something!

Then I remembered someone – maybe my friend Sara, my fount of sewing wisdom – told me about tying the ends of the serger threads to the ones that were already threaded on the machine and running them through. I did it, and it worked! The satisfaction of serging over my wonky zigzag seams on the Billie jumpsuit could not have felt more gratifying.

I also went for the Black Welsh Mountain yarn. I talked to Bob about it, and we worked out a financial solution for me to get the yarn I really wanted. Luckily it was $100 less than I thought it was going to be. This is going to be my Farmhouse Cardigan yarn, with Katrinkles bamboo arrow buttons. This yarn is deep black but has a brown tint, which I like. It’s a very earthy black.

Books: I’m reading both “Bonkers” by Jennifer Saunders and “Dear Fatty” by Dawn French. I’m listening to “Circe” by Madeline Miller. They are all very good.

Knitting: I started Hans’ Tread hat. After this I have another skein of the yarn (Woolfolk Far) in gold. I may make one for myself, to match my eyes. I think I have picked out another pattern for my skein of Hogsmeade, the While Waiting cowl. It’s a sweet story, and a good fit for the yarn.

Tomorrow I would like to spend some time knitting and listening to “Circe.” I’m also hoping to get a hike in, but that will depend on the weather. Looks like snow is expected. That’s the perfect hiking weather! I hope we do go because I’ve had no exercise since before Thanksgiving.

16 thoughts on “Cheating for the Win

  1. I love the yarn for your Farmhouse Cardigan. It will be stunning. You will have that sweater for years. I love Circe. I had to look up the other books, and they look so good I added them to my wish list. I hope you get a hike in. It’s amazing how good a walk in the woods is for the soul.

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  2. Hoping the hike materializes for you. Tying the new threads to the old is the only way to three a serger. Mine is so persnickety it takes me hours to get it right again if I don’t thread it that way! Hurrah for you to have one machine up and going!

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  3. I love French and Saunders but haven’t read either of their books. Jennifer Saunders is going to be in a new serious Netflix drama and we saw a clip on Graham Norton and it seemed strange to see her do serious, yet we’ve seen a few things Dawn has done. I don’t really understand what a serger is or how it works but if it’s giving you great seams on your jumpsuit that sounds great.

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  4. I hope you get to go out and have a nice hike and relax! That is gorgeous yarn 🙂 I have 2 skeins of it as well. You summed it up really well – an earthy black is a perfect description. And Yay for your new serger!

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