Arachne Update

This Forbidden Fibers Gluttony Sport in Earl Grey came to me in a FibreShare package. There’s just enough for the main color in Arachne.

The Knitted Wit Victory Fingering in Carnelian came to me at my LYS’s holiday gift exchange. It says fingering, but if it is, it is very close to sport. I knit a swatch and the two yarns look identical in weight.

I hit gauge and I have my Arachne yarn! And I can save my Oa yarn for my Oa! When does the knitalong start?

15 thoughts on “Arachne Update

  1. Kismet! It’s meant to be! I obviously have FOMO so I’ll be digging into the stash later today:) I doubt I have enough sport weight but I might have a light worsted. We’ll have to see:)
    Your colors are lovely!

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  2. I love the colors, it will be a beautiful sweater. That gray is especially wonderful. I need to get my yarn wound and do some swatching and math. I have all sorts of ideas for my sweater, but I need to get to work on it instead of just daydreaming about it.

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  3. Beautiful yarns! They will make a gorgeous Arachne! And I love your spider idea 🙂
    As far as start date, I was kind of thinking the first or second Saturday of April – whatever everyone who plans on participating thinks. If we are all ready to go, then the 4th, otherwise the 11th. 🙂

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