I think one of the major downfalls of modern culture is a lack of a sabbath. I don’t mean anything religious by that, but more the need for people to have a day of rest. In a culture where business operates 24/7 and communication is instantaneous there are no days of rest.

My goal today was to take a sabbath. I wasn’t going to do anything productive today: no sewing or knitting, no cooking or cleaning, and no work. I have been lying on the couch reading all day!

I enjoyed my first virtual knit night last night. I am looking forward to the next one on Sunday, April 6th!

Yesterday I binge-watched Vicar of Dibley and organized my craft corner. I have too many projects “on” and I’m determined to make a dent this summer both in projects and supplies.

Here’s my favorite bit from Vicar of Dibley. Enjoy! 🙃

10 thoughts on “Sabbath

  1. Hehe! I do love The Vicar of Dibley, I’m not sure I could pick a favourite bit but I do love Alice’s funny bits like the one you’ve shared. I think it is so easy for us to let our internal nagging voices stop us having a proper day off, but it is great to take time out, especially with a good book.

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  2. That was so funny:) A great pair of comedians for sure!
    I love a do nothing day. I have not had that. I wrote checks, showers, went to mail the checks, did laundry, knit, made and ate dinner. Now more knitting and tv. At least all this made the long rainy day go by quickly:)

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  3. Back when I was working, I tried to take one day off – completely off – a month. Not get dressed, not cook (takes a little preplanning), do only what my soul asked for. That usually meant escapist reading, knitting, dozing, sudoku, meditation – not all of those things, but some of those things. Sometimes wandering outside. Petting cats. Eating chocolate.

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  4. A regular day of rest would be wonderful. I guess I kind of do that, in that I try to get my chores done on Saturdays so I don’t feel guilty about lounging around on Sundays. Maybe having so much time at home will help people get used to not feeling the need to “be busy” all the time.

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  5. Sabbath rest is a wonderful idea! My youngest did that while she was at Stanford, and I think it is what kept her sane in that pressure cooker environment. She has maintained that habit and it shows! (She is one of those double type A’s that can not relax.)

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  6. Love the Vicar of Dibley! That is a very good idea – having just a down day to just rest and relax. Glad you were able to do that, and hope it becomes a regular thing for you 🙂 You’re right, we are “on” all the time, most of us. It is hard to turn that off, but necessary.

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