Sunday Grace

We went for a hike yesterday. I’m thankful for time in nature. And wildflowers.

Bob made soy custard berry tarts for my birthday treat. I’m thankful for Bob.

My boys came to share a birthday meal and treats with me. I’m thankful for my boys. Especially their intelligence and humor and ability to argue any point no matter how ridiculous. Is a bean bag a chair? A bean bag is an armchair but not a chair because a chair has legs. Puzzle that.

My mother always told me I would argue with a signpost. The fruit doesn’t fall far from the tree.

Soon I will have a new blue beanie to wear over my mess of white hair. I am enjoying this mindless knit.


I ordered some pink yarn to make this shrug. I imagine myself wafting over pink tile wearing this, but in pink. The designer says this stitch pattern is meditative. I hope so.

Speaking of pink tile, the lender ordered a second appraisal. We are in home-buying limbo.

It will be okay either way. Trust in the Universe.

14 thoughts on “Sunday Grace

  1. Fingers and toes crossed that things work out quickly with the house! It’s the limbo that gets frustrating I’m sure.
    I love the photo with your boys! Frame a copy. It’s a keeper:)
    The flowers are lovely! Time in nature is never wasted time:)
    Your hat looks great! I love blue with gray hair. I love that you wear your gray hair proudly. I’ve been gray (nearly white now) for 20+ years and only in the last 5 years have I seen others embrace their gray:)

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  2. The wildflowers are beautiful. Isn’t a walk in the woods a great way to make everything feel better? I love the picture of you with your boys. Your hat is flying. Good luck on the appraisal. I’m so glad you have been blogging more.

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  3. I don’t understand the appraisal system, in Scotland the rules around house buying are different from the UK, once you’ve made an offer that is accepted that’s it, it is legally binding. In England you can make multiple offers on different houses and then pull out of sales. So here you have to be sure that’s the house you want, warts and all, before you buy. Also it’s Offers Over pricing, so you are expected to offer over the asking price, so this can end up in sealed bids if there’s a lot of interest and highest bid wins. Fingers crossed all will be well with the move, I can picture you in the shrug walking across the floor you shared a picture of earlier.

    That is a photo that needs printing and framing on your new house wall! Thanks for sharing the flower pictures with us. I embrace my grey, whilst having the underneath layer purple. Unless the wind blows you can’t see the purple but I know it’s there. 😀

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