State of Emergency Stockinette

I wanted to post about this yesterday, but didn’t have the energy. We closed two of our stores early yesterday due to a state of emergency in downtown Columbus, and protests scheduled for downtown Indianapolis which we expected to escalate. (They did.) We stand in solidarity with peaceful protest, and judging by the posts of people I know personally, the protesters themselves remained peaceful. We have kids living near and in downtown, and all reported in safe. Our staff is safe and so far no reports of damage to our stores. We are lucky.

We are supposed to be packing. Bob is. We are still waiting on the second appraisal report. I’ve been slowly progressing through the back of Deschain. I’m grateful for the stockinette. I’ve been watching a Fruity Knitting podcast each day, and it’s getting me through. It’s a moment of respite in a sea of worry. I realize I’m privileged to have moments of respite. And not to have to fear for the lives of our children because of the color of their skin.

We watched “The Vast of Night” last night. Excellent film in a throwback style. Intelligent and suspenseful with great dialogue and music. A moment of race reality acknowledgement. A breath of fresh air.

5 thoughts on “State of Emergency Stockinette

  1. Glad you are all safe. I believe that tempers are quite frayed right now, and people are looking for an excuse to act on their frustrations. The incident in Minneapolis was horrible, but there is no excuse for riots, looting and pillaging. You said it well, Alissa!

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  2. The problem is that peaceful protests are easy to ignore for those who are in a position to make meaningful change. Not that I condone violence – but I do understand the frustration as more and more unarmed people of color are killed without cause. Now that cell phones and social media make it harder to sweep under the rug, the situation has built to an explosive level. And from some of the coverage I’ve seen, some of the looting and rioting has been led, not by people from that ocmmunity, but by whites – maybe frustrated by being cooped up during Covid-19 and looking for an excuse to break free? I don’t know. I have no rational explanation for why people of relative privilege would feel a need to break windows, instead of following the peaceful lead of the people of color who have the most to lose. OK, off my soapbox. I’m glad you and yours are safe, and knitting continues.

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