We Bought a House Today

Just add a pitchfork and a cameo brooch and you’ve got American Gothic. But seriously, it’s yellow. I love a yellow house. Especially one with pink tile. Tomorrow we pack and Sunday we move the big stuff with our army herd gaggle of children helping.

Marilee said she buys yarn when she doesn’t know what else to do, and I’m afraid I’m the same. Here’s my most recent acquisition from Countess Ablaze. I love her and their yarn and I am unapologetic. Shoalwater Shawl here I come. (I’ve been wanting to knit that for nearly two decades!)

Going to leave this here because it needs to be said.

16 thoughts on “We Bought a House Today

  1. Congratulations…oh a yellow house…reminds me of the movie Moonlight and Valentino where Jon Bon Jovi paints the house yellow and it looks so pretty. I’m so pleased it has all gone through safely. I’ve seen the picture at the bottom before, but I agree it needs to be seen and we need to be speaking up in whatever way we can. Xxx

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  2. Congratulations on your lovely new home! It looks so sunshiny and beautiful 🙂
    Speaking of lovely, that yarn is just gorgeous! And it is perfect for that shawl 🙂
    Excellent photo and it makes a good point very succinctly – thank you for sharing!

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