Throwback Thursday

Remember way back in 2019 when I sewed this Farrow dress and these Emerson pants? They look great together! I may sew another dress like this in the mauve linen from Lithuania in my stash.

In other news, I am back up to the weight and size I was when I made these. I haven’t dieted or worked out all year. So I signed up for a program that’s free with my health insurance to help me get back on track. I did yoga and pilates today! Now I need to find a cardio workout I can do regularly. The roads around here aren’t the safest for walking or riding a bike. I could go into town to the gym, but I’m a little wary because of the Rona. I think I will drive 6 miles to the nearest park trail tomorrow and see how that goes.

I hope you have some fun socially-distanced holiday weekend plans! We don’t do anything for July 4, but on Sunday we’re hosting my friend Laurel for a birthday dinner.

14 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday

  1. Such a fun outfit! I too am attempting to get back in track….I know my problem, hot flashes in the evening, solved with ice cream, not good for me in many counts, so I’m with you every step, literally. And now your post is prompting me to go take my walk before it gets too hot!

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  2. First of all, obviously Bob is a keeper:)
    I love that outfit. Yes, make another!
    I really like Jillian Michaels workouts. She is a beast and makes you work. I bought a couple of the dvds. Worth every penny. She has an app too but I haven’t tried it so I can’t offer an opinion. That said, I like walking for my exercise when the weather is agreeable. It’s great to have a place or two to go with nice scenery so you don’t realize it’s exercise:)

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  3. Well, I think you look great and the outfit looks great! But like you, I’m trying to get back into some kind of exercise routine. Too bad exercising isn’t as much fun as knitting!

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  4. Cool outfit, Going in a gym sounds crazy, all those surfaces that you need to touch, heavy breathing people around you, I think gyms in the UK will continue to be shut most of this year. Outdoors is definitely the best option, that or wack on some groovy tunes and prance round the house to work up a sweat.

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