Join the Blogville Knitters Virtual Knit! And the Ravelry Group!

I’m setting up a virtual knit for this Sunday, August 2, at 1PM EST via Skype. So far we’ve got me, Marilee, and Liz. I hope Sarah can make it, but I know she is moving.

Would you like to join us? Please send me your Skype ID via Instagram DM (my Instagram is headknits) or you can email me at my first and last name, altogether, at gmail. Or you can send me a message on Ravelry (alissahead) but I’m not the best about checking that.

Hmm… I think I will start a group on Ravelry! Here it is!

Blogville Knitters on Ravelry

Please don’t post your Skype ID on the group. I’m not savvy enough on Ravelry to know how private that is. Just use the group to message me with your Skype ID, which I’m pretty sure is private.

I’m looking forward to some knitting comaraderie! All this quarantining is loooonely.

27 thoughts on “Join the Blogville Knitters Virtual Knit! And the Ravelry Group!

  1. I’ll join your Ravelry group but sadly won’t have time to chat.
    I’m afraid Kanye operates at low key losing it normally and has shifted into medium key losing it. He’s getting advice from Justin Bieber.
    I’m sorry you’re losing it. I find that routine has helped me a lot. As does having other things going completely out of whack. The pandemic is a mosquito buzzing in the background of everything else I’ve got going on.

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  2. Kanye isn’t even making the end of news bulletins in the UK, there was a vague mention of him being late for x many states and that’s all I’ve seen. It’s bad enough hearing of Trump’s antics, the federal police force he’s trying to implement, Portland situation and the virus rate seems to fill all the time they allocate for international US news. So no idea where Kanye’s crazy level is…which is no bad thing…well for me anyway.

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  3. I really wish I could make the Skype knitting, but it is mid move for me. I would love to join you soon though, and can basically do anything after next Wednesday if you do another one. Thank you for staring the Ravelry group. I don’t think Kanye does anything low key. I do feel like I’m losing it, 100%.

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      1. Yay, twice! 🙂 I’m going to be kept to a strict hour this Sunday since I just remembered my kids are coming over to play Sherlock Homes in Space with us. So both Sundays will be great!


  4. A VKN would be great but the negatives of being in NZ is that its usually the middle of the night when everyone else is chatting 😁
    Positives at the moment though mean I get to go to in person knit nights so I’ll suck it up and miss out, even though I’ll have FOMO 😂😂.

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