Sock it to Me Monday: PSL Edition

Pumpkin spice latte sock #1

I’m enjoying my PSL sock. The garter stitch heel came out nice. I accidentally picked up the heel flap stitches before turning the heel, so I did it afterward and it’s fine. I find this yarn a little splitty.

New to us dining room table

We’ve never owned a proper dining room table. The one at the last house belonged to the landlord. We were excited to find this solid oak table and chairs on Craigslist. Now we can host family and friends, invite kids for Thanksgiving, and play RPGs in comfort and style.

My work trip went like clockwork. I’m happy to report I enjoyed the Vampire Knitting Club audiobook on my road trip and I’m going to get the next book in the series. I’m also watching The Spanish Princess, which is surprisingly well done (because Starz — I couldn’t watch White Queen, or White Princess even though I’m a Tudor nerd and Jodie Comer was in the lead) and we watched Seventh Son, which is ridiculous but it won me over in the end. Speaking of Jodie Comer, if you haven’t seen Killing Eve, I highly recommend.

What are you knitting/reading/watching?

Vintersoll by Jennifer Steingass

Guess what. I’m going to knit a Vintersoll… next year. I have Magpie Fibers Solstice DK in teal (Masquerade) and cream (Fior di Latte.) I still need to figure out the third color. I like this version though. Let me know if you have opinions.

14 thoughts on “Sock it to Me Monday: PSL Edition

  1. That looks a lovely sized table and I’m sure you will have many hours of family fun around it. I’m glad your work trip went well. For the jumper, how light or dark is that teal? Is it like a mallard 🦆 head? Or much paler?

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  2. Your sock is looking great! I have never knit the pumpkin spice latte socks but I do prefer a garter stitch heel as I find it stretchier and it really hugs my heel.
    I also love that table and chairs! I would love to have a big farm house one day and have a table and chair set just like that.
    I don’t have any comments on that Vintersoll other than that it looks gorgeous!

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  3. I love your table! There is something really special about having a big table for everyone to sit around.
    Your sock looks great!
    I always have a knitting opinion:) I love that sweater pattern. It’s one I’ve considered. I’d like to see your teal and cream before I completely commit to a color suggestion but the first thought that popped into my head was a chocolate brown:) I love teal and brown. But it has to be the right shades of each:)

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  4. Vintersoll is a lovely pattern. To go with teal and cream, I lean toward toward dark, heathery gray, but I agree with Karen that chocolate would work. Teal is a versatile shade, because it seems to straddle the cool and warm colors and can go either way.

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  5. That is a perfect table for you! The PSL socks are looking great. 😍 Where do you want to use the teal and cream? If they are for the yoke, a watery green with plenty of gray might be nice, if cream is the main color, I would do a blush pink or peach, which ever is good with your complexion, or if the main color will be teal, then do a burnt orange, burgundy or eggplant with the cream in the yoke. But I like the suggestions above too!

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  6. Well, of course I have opinions! I like the burnt orange suggestion, or a deep forest green comes to mind. And one can’t go wrong with chocolate – dark, of course! I’d think peach too close to cream to make enough contrast, but then, I’m assuming teal for the body – if it’s the dark color, and dark enough, that would work too.

    I’m working on what I’m calling “Convention Socks” while I listen to political commentary and politicians. And try to sort fact from alternative fact, and promises from realistic promises. Sigh. Knitting keeps me calm. I don’t like the colorway – it showed up in stash – so these socks will be a giveaway.

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  7. I love your socks. I tried to buy that yarn last week after your update, but thankfully The Wooly Thistle was out of that color. I love the sweater and the table. Facebook marketplace is the only thing I like about facebook.

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  8. Yay on scoring a good, solid dining room table. Mine also doubles as my craft table. I have see WYS yarn around and have always been curious about it. Hmmm…on the splitty detail. I love the color though; I took my girls to Starbucks for coffee because it was the first day of school and I wanted a Pumpkin Spice Latte. I’m reading a historical romance, the second installment in the series, and a cozy mystery on my Kindle. I watched a few episodes of Itaewon Class and have been binging on Lucifer. Should be able to finish up my first sock today and debating on whether to start the second one or cast on another fun colorway. I may do the former.

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