Vintersoll Final

New Magpie Color
It works!

I want to thank everyone for their input. I finally went with Solstice DK in Desert Rose, which is a warm pink. I loved the walnut but didn’t trust myself to dye it. I think Kathy mentioned peach and it stuck with me.

Four Colors? I love these together.

I noticed some people are adding a fourth color to their Vintersoll. This is Solstice DK in Wicked Game. I like the addition, but I will have to think about if I really want to knit four colors. I have an alternate plan for this yarn if not.

And it’s good I have an extra skein or two because I am playing yarn chicken with Arachne and I may be losing. I’m a loose knitter, which is why I’m knitting Vintersoll in DK instead of worsted.

Virtual Knit this Sunday? 1PM EDT? DM your Skype ID to me if you are new? Hmm??? Silliness aside, I NEED my Blogville Knitters Virtual Knit time. It’s my only social activity aside from when kids come to visit.

18 thoughts on “Vintersoll Final

  1. Hi Alissa. I like the colours you’ve settled on (or almost settled on). I haven’t been around online for a while and have been catching up on a lot of posts. My time zone doesn’t work for your virtual knits, but i would love to join your Ravelry group. I will give it a go when I’ve finished my catch ups. Karen (previously The Eclectic Handcrafter).

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  2. I am going to have to join in your virtual knit one of these days. I keep forgetting. The husband and I took a late nap yesterday for two hours. We had a heck of a time trying to go to sleep last night and it was well past midnight before the sandman came.

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