Year of Projects Update

Finished Arachne Sweater

I finished my Arachne Sweater! I love it! I think the cropped silhouette and short sleeves keep the vintage vibe alive. I had plenty of yarn and I look forward to making a Seamwork Rachel shirt to wear under it in this print.

Surely I’m not the only one whose YOP list stays the same number, or even grows?

I want to sew more Rachel shirts, one for each season. I want to customize the fit and make it my go to shirt pattern. I also want to do that with a pant pattern, but I haven’t found the pattern yet.

Our curtain rods should arrive today, which means my linen curtains just moved up on the sewing list.

Laura Kate asked me to share a sketch of my idea for my fiber art piece. I don’t feel comfortable doing that yet, but I am glad I have a more concrete idea. I will share something later, once I’ve made a little more progress.

This has been a Year of Projects Update. You can read my original list here. You can find out more about the group here.

Bob and I watched Driveways yesterday. Highly recommend. We shared our mutual love of Brian Dennehy. Then we watched the latest episode of Lovecraft Country. Highly recommend. Then I thought we were going to make it a Brian Dennehy weekend with a Lovecraft Country intermission, but Bob surprised me with an episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer that was a Doug Jones breakout role. I don’t love Buffy (the show, although I love the movie) but we think a Doug Jones weekend is imminent. And I wouldn’t mind rewatching the first season of Buffy in October.

Is it too early to watch Hocus Pocus? It is, isn’t it.

24 thoughts on “Year of Projects Update

  1. What a lovely sweater, and I love the spider brooch (it is a brooch, isn’t it? Please tell me it is) on it. Be sure to show the entire outfit once you’ve finished sewing the shirt, please.

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  2. Your sweater turned out darling and I love the pin to go with it! The fabric for the shirt underneath is awesome…..I love vintage anything but Halloween tops the list! You joined the right group if youa re still on your first project but have added more! LOL! At least I thought that was what we were all here for….enabling big time! Take care!

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  3. Your jumper looks great and with the spider brooch it looks Halloween ready to me! I haven’t seen Hocus Pocus since it came out. Pretty sure I saw it in the US when I was either au pairing or over on one of my visits. I’ll need to check our streaming services and see if it’s on there.

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  4. Love your sweater – it DID turn out great! And love the spider brooch with it! Also love that shirt pattern and the Halloween fabric you ordered to make it in. Now I need to find a spider brooch too 🙂 I loved Buffy the TV series and the movie, though now with everything that has come out about Joss Whedon, my feelings about it are very conflicted. Agree – this year it is not too soon for Hocus Pocus.

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      1. Oh, he turned out to be a perv that was having affairs with a bunch of the actresses on his shows and he was also gaslighting his wife about it. There was a casting couch implication to the whole sordid mess as well.

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