Saturday Words

Unfortunately, I don’t have any pics or updates this week. I’ve been sick with the stomach flu for three days. I have felt a little better the past two days, but I’m still fatigued and nauseous. And too tired to knit. I tried, though.

I watched the newest episode of Fruity Knitting yesterday. They interviewed the CocoKnits designer, Julie Weisenberger, who is the designer of the Franca sweater I am making for my Mom. I am so glad I watched the video, because she explains her approach to garment knitting, which she calls English tailoring, and I’m excited to try it. It’s an elegant solution. And now I understand why I started with the back neck piece.

What are you knitting? Are you excited for fall?

10 thoughts on “Saturday Words

  1. I’m sorry you’ve been sick. I hope you feel better and stay well soon:)
    As much as I love so many things about fall, cooler temperatures, the changing leaves, fresh apples, I’m not looking forward to it. It means winter is right around the corner. Winter and I don’t mix well:(

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  2. I’m relieved that the nights are cooler, so I can keep my house cool by opening it up at night. And even the days are a little cooler now. There are splashes of color starting to appear here and there.

    I’ve started Double Heelix socks, the first heel done, nearly to the toe, and up a couple of inches on the top. I’m going to experiment and see if I can spiral the toe down with the two colors – if it works, I’ll be impressed with myself! But I’m waiting until the top is done to do that. Another case of can’t let a good enough pattern alone…

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  3. I am not ready for this glorious summer warmth , sun and warm nights on the porch to end!!! I normally LOVE fall. But this year I’m afraid i’ll go crazy in winter…so Im putting off fall. The horses were so fun to photograph during the fall. That won’t be happening this year. I am knitting on a shawl

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