A Sunday YOP Update

Finished Foursquare Cowl


I finished my Foursquare Cowl. I’m not gonna lie. I had some tension issues, which is all my fault. But I worked it out, and isn’t it pretty? The yarn is super soft. This is a fun pattern to knit. Also, I’m wearing my Weekender on the weekend, because I’m original like that.

Next up is my Mom’s Franca. I look forward to learning this construction method. I bought the book and journal from CocoKnits so there is no reason for me to misunderstand anything.

I still need to finish my second PSL sock, but at least I’m on the heel flap. I have two new projects in the planning stages, and I will share about those later this week.


I am ready to start on my Rachel shirt. I’ve taped together the pattern and washed the fabric. I ended up getting new Halloween fabric because the print was too big on the first fabric. I am going to offer Bob a Halloween shirt from the big print. Like a Hawaiian shirt, but Halloween. He will probably decline. If so, maybe I can host a Halloween knitalong next year and make a few Halloween totes as prizes. Or maybe I can do both. It could happen.

My Arachne Knitalong goodies from Marilee.

We have our curtain rods, and once they are installed I will start sewing the curtains.

Fiber Art

I have two pieces in the idea phase, and two shadow box frames for them made from salvaged barn wood. Now I need to fill in the in between. I am taking a vacation in October and I expect I will get them done then.

Other than that, I’m still plugging away on my list. I’m not focusing on fiddle at the moment, but I am focusing on increasing my running endurance. I’m up to 2 miles, 4 times per week. In October I hope to run 45 miles for our Move 4 Fair Trade campaign at work. If you would like to show your support for me, or Fair Trade, or Global Gifts, you can pledge here: https://move4fairtrade.rallyup.com/f95b63/goalissa

This has been a Year of Projects Update. You can read my original list here. You can find out more about the group here.

Yesterday, we had our first fire in the fireplace of the new house and it’s heaven. RBG’s passing was a gut punch. For Satur-date we ate our feelings and picked movies that we each defined as a “feel good” movie. Here’s the funny part, both movies are black comedies about ordinary people trying to cover up a death for their own ordinary reasons, money and love, taking place in beautiful scenery with great dialogue: Waking Ned Devine and The Trouble with Harry. Bob and I are the same person.

Blogville Knitters Virtual Knit today at 1PM Eastern! Please message or email your Skype ID to me, Marilee, or Sarah if you are new and want to join in.

28 thoughts on “A Sunday YOP Update

  1. What a lovely photo of you and your new cowl! Please share your experience and opinion on the Cocoknits book / pattern – I’m thinking about buying the book but have read mixed reviews so far. I have Barbara Walker’s excellent book about top-down knits so I wonder if Cocoknits is really that different / better / easier to work with?

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  2. Love that cowl and your sweater! The book sounds good but like Ella, I’ll wait to hear your review. The Franka is neat too. I want to make sweaters but I really don’t like anything clinging to me as I have no figure anymore at my age (71) Well, I have one but it is nothing to write home about! LOL! I need some nice tunic tops and then the sweaters like Franka. Your Mom is very lucky! I love your arachne markers too. You are very inspiring and I like all your projects. Have a great week and yes, RBG was a gut punch especially because now we’ll probably get some “old white guy” or a conservative….lol! I don’t hide my feelings very well! I may be an old white woman but I’m a progressive one!

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  3. Your cowl is lovely – and what a great picture of you wearing it! 🙂 I’m looking forward to Franca. What a cute and comfy looking sweater.


  4. This is a test reply. Trying to understand why my avatar goes to Gravatar instead ink to my blog – ugh. Feel free to delete this. In fact, if I’m successful, feel free to delete my comment above and let me do it over again. ;^) It’s up to you. The main thing is, I think I’ve figured it out. For this week, at least…


  5. Your cowl looks so lovely, the strong colours with the black really highlight the pattern. Your weekender is in a gorgeous shade, what yarn is that? It’s great you and your husband are so in tune with each other. I often see things I’d like to record to watch and find he’s already recording it.

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    1. My Weekender is made with Scout yarn from Kelbourne Woolens. It is great to have a partner who enjoys the same types of shows. He also looks out for things I might like. Does Allistair do that?


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