Happy Halloween 🎃 and a Spooky Viewing Quiz 👻

I finished my Broom Riding Cowl. I love the way it turned out. Here is the other side.

My tension and gauge are a little loose. I may try to felt it a bit, but it’s superwash merino so it probably won’t. Pattern is Broom Riding Cowl by Vanessa Ewing. Yarn is Slutty Pumpkin DK from Less Traveled Yarn and Earl Grey Beatitude from Forbidden Fibers.

This broom was a gift from my friend Iderah, but it’s too small to ride. I would model but the cowl is still a little damp. I hope I enjoy wearing this cowl as much as I enjoy looking at it.

Marilee posted a spooky viewing quiz.


1. What’s the spookiest TV show you have ever watched?

2. Have you watched the new season of Unsolved Mysteries? For that matter, did you watch any of the many, many old seasons of Unsolved Mysteries? If yes on any of that, do you find this a spooky show?

3. Do you watch any ghost hunting show? What is your opinion on these shows – fiction, plausible, don’t know?

4. Are there any genres of horror movies you can’t/won’t watch?

5. What kind of horror movies do you enjoy and why?


1. The spookiest TV show I have ever watched would have to be Kolchak: The Night Stalker. X Files is a close second.

2. Yes, I have watched the new season of Unsolved Mysteries and I enjoyed it. I’m not sure if I’ve watched old seasons, but I would probably like them too.

3. I loved the original Ghost Hunters series. That’s the only ghost hunting show I can watch without bursting into laughter.

4. I will not watch slasher films. I don’t think they are scary and I find the violence gratuitous.

5. I enjoy paranormal horror films. I believe there is more to this world than we understand and I find paranormal horror fascinating and thrilling. If kids are involved in a horror story, sometimes that bothers me, like the film Sinister which is on our October watch list. It was a good film, though.

I thought this was a good time to update our watch list for Halloween! These are in no particular order. Some are favorites we watch every year and some are new to us this year. There are a few on this list I would not recommend.

Movies We Watched in October


Tonight we will watch Nosferatu the Vampyre. It’s not Halloween without watching it. Maybe we’ll watch Vampyr by Carl Dreyer too. Those are my favorites.

Will you be watching something spooky tonight?

14 thoughts on “Happy Halloween 🎃 and a Spooky Viewing Quiz 👻

  1. Your cowl is gorgeous! Love the way it turned out 🙂 Thanks for playing along on the quiz! I agree with you on the slasher film – not a fan. I totally forgot about Kolchak – that was a scary show for sure! You guys really got a lot of Halloween viewing in, and all good stuff 🙂

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  2. I was a closet Night Stalker fan since its debut and never knew anyone else who watched, until now! Thanks for making me feel less of an odd duck. The show was a guilty pleasure until it was unceremoniously cancelled. When I watch now (barely), it is painful to admit ever having found it less than cringe-worthy. LOL.

    I cannot watch today’s horror shows or movies. The brutality and gruesome acts feel like spiritual assaults I cannot help but feel in my solar plexus. Stephen King sated my desire for horror back in the 90s. It ended with Dolores Claiborne. The movie made me see that man is the ultimate monster. I wrote a lovely thank-you letter to King, thanking him for entertaining me so well, and for giving me closure to the need for a fear that outstripped the fear induced by brutal human acts.

    That’s a lovely cowl. It’s one I imagine suitable to my burgeoning knitting skills–one I believe I can manage. The colors are perfect.

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  3. The cowl looks lovely and definitely doubt it would felt and may get looser. Horror, fantasy and sci-If are just not for me for my movie or tv shows. We still haven’t finished the haunting of Bly manor yet as Allistar has now slept through 2 episodes and he can’t decide if I should watch it alone or he will re-watch. I am definitely more a romcom or murder/drama. We just watched the first episode of a new show with Hugh Grant and Nicole Kidman and we both were disappointed to find we have to wait a week for the next episode.

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  4. No spooky for me. When my mama was preggers with me she was made to watch The Exorcist. Ever since I was a kid, I have been unable to watch horror or read that genre. I ended up doing doing some sewing prep Halloween night.

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