Sock It To Me Monday and Crafts I’m Not Good At

I started a pair of Trans Pride socks for one of my kids. And yes, that’s snow.

🎶 I’m the lady who lives in the woods 🎶

I love seasonal decorating but I’m not very good at it. This ornamental corn I got at the farmers market to decorate my peace wreath is hitting people in the face as they walk in.

I baked a gluten free apple spice cake. It was not horrible.

10 thoughts on “Sock It To Me Monday and Crafts I’m Not Good At

  1. It’s 2020 getting hit in the face with corn is pretty minor:) I like your decoration. It’s hopeful and protective.
    We had corn on our front door one year. Every squirrel for miles around came to rip it down and eat it. I’ve refrained from live decorations since:)
    Very nice sock:)

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  2. I just have the autumn leaves I put inside and our zillions of trees do the rest of the decorating for us (and our neighbour). My neighbour said ‘I feel so guilty my one tree has leaves blowing next door’…now we have quite a lot of maples and birch and rowan and loads and loads and loads of our leaves have blown over into her garden and driveway and I am too busy thinking how pretty they all look to be feeling guilty…she must hate this time of year. 😂 I wonder if a mouse or squirrel will be after your corn, it looks pretty.

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