Wednesday WIP

I learned a new thing, Judy’s Magic Cast On. I woke up early and decided to use my freshly caffeinated morning brain to do the new thing so I could get rolling on my Mom’s Franca cardigan. This yarn is so soft. I may need to knit one for myself.

This photo is from Tuesday, and in fact I’m posting this Tuesday and scheduling for Wednesday. Dear Future Alissa, if you don’t know the election results yet, don’t dismay. It may take a few days.

7 thoughts on “Wednesday WIP

  1. I also love the VOTE button – I’m glad I’m not the only one thinking along those lines!
    I do Judy’s cast on for toe up socks frequently; I’ve done it once for a baby blanket I wanted to do from the center out. But I’m having trouble envisioning how this works on a sweater. What’s the pattern? Thanks –


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