Sunday Sewing and Year of Projects Update

I did a curtain! I learned a lot while making these curtains, and I hope all subsequent curtains will look a little more polished. But I love this fabric. I think we made a good choice.

After finishing the curtains for one window I decided to treat myself by whipping up some new PJ pants. Inspired by Sarah, I went for these knitting sheep. Her fabric is way more cool, but this flannel is super soft. I think it’s meant for babies, like me.

Year of Projects Update

I don’t have much else to share, other than I updated my list. I posted a knitting update on Wednesday.

I may be adding the Aurora Borealis Cowl to my list in Euclid Sparkle Sock from Superfine Yarn Co. It’s got a subtle silver sparkle.

And I may be adding the Less Is More Cowl to my list in this sparkly yarn Karen sent me. It’s got a subtle gold sparkle. I’m really wanting a sparkly cowl to knit and wear for the holidays. I wish my photos showed more of the sparkle.

What about you? Are you planning your holiday makes? Are you making for you or someone else? Is anything going to be sparkly? I’m planning to be selfish with my sparkly makes in December.

21 thoughts on “Sunday Sewing and Year of Projects Update

  1. Wow, you have been busy. Love the bright pinks of your hat. Will be so fun to wear.

    That sheep fabric is adorable. So fun. Love your curtains too. I haven’t made curtains for 30 years but maybe I’ll have to consider making some. It really is time to replace mine.

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  2. Your curtains look great – and remind me I’m needing to make some simple curtains for a half bath here. You may inspire me. 🙂 And the pajama pants fabric is really cute. I do have some sparkly yarn, and I keep telling myself I’m going to use it for something come Christmas, but a few Christmases have come and gone since I acquired it. Maybe you wil inspire me in that regard. I think I’ve said something similar (about being inspired) on seveal folks’ blogs today. Maybe something will stick! 🙂

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  3. WOW. >Love your sewing the curtains and love Sarah’s pj successes tumbling your way !! I wish I could make my own pjs. Mine a falling apart. I refuse to spend 70 dollars for a find pair. I don’t even want to spend 29.99 on a pair. I have to have pjs. Im going to tell fireman, who doesnt like the pjs worn to close his eyes. IF he doest see me go to bed, I don’t have to say goodbye to my worn down bed pjs

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  4. Great to see your sheep PJs – I have a nightgown made out of that fabric! I bought the last bolt of that fabric available around here, to share with the other Quaker Knitting Goddesses.

    I don’t do sparkles for me – I’m not the sparkle type – but I do knit sparkles for other people.

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  5. You have gotten a lot done! The curtains turned out lovely and the PJ pants are too cute!!!
    I love your yarns and yes, the XS tree ornaments for my grands are on sparkly fabric! Yay for sparkles! The aurora borealis is so pretty but I am not sure about colorwork for me yet. The Less is More might be something I could tackle. I love cowls. HAve a great week!

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  6. I could see the sparkles in all of the yarns. How fun to have sparkles for the holiday. I think you should wear sparkles all the time. It makes a person feel so special. Both patterns are very cute. Your PJ pants look so nice and cozy. Good job on the curtains.

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  7. Nothing sparkly in Plan A. I had one done until tendonitis won the fight. I may try to knit another cowl. My SIL and little sister are easy to gift. My brother’s three kids, no…wait, #4 was born last month, will be easy to shop for since my SIL usually sends an email of lists for them. The hardest are my dad, brother, and husband. I’ve been bookmarking items for my kids.

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  8. Your curtains and PJs look great! Those yarns will look lovely in the Aurora Borealis cowl – very wintry and festive 🙂 Good for you making yourself some sparkly things for the holidays! I don’t have any holiday specific projects planned, and am not planning on knitting any gifts for this year. Maybe next year, but my knitting time is already totally booked for this year 😉

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  9. Great sewing projects, I love the idea of homemade PJs and mine are all getting a bit snug! Oops! I like the yarns you’ve picked for the AB cowl. It looks a very pretty colour. I don’t own any sparkly yarn or clothing…I like them on others but I’m just not a sparkly kind of person.

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