Sunday Year of Projects Update: Planning

I didn’t add too many finished objects this week. Just my Barley Light Hat. But I did add a few things to my list.

I received my copy of Shetland Wool Week 2020 and fell in love with the Strom Cardigan pattern. I started looking at yarn online and realized that SURELY I had enough Milarrochy Tweed in my stash for this. And I was right! The main color will be Tarbet Blue, top. The other blue may be a little close, but I’ve got a lighter and a darker one if needed. The pink on the sweater will be orange. 🧡

I got my yarn for the Water Shawl Knitalong.

I ordered this Blacker Lyonesse with the intention of making a suit. I don’t think this is quite right for that. Instead I think I will knit one of Wolf and Faun’s shawl patterns. I’m not sure which one yet. Maybe Madda.

I’m adding to my holiday makes! This Ramen Needles DK yarn is called Christmas Village. I was thinking of knitting a Rikke Hat (Rav link) which has been in my library for a while, but geez how many hats can a person make and wear? So then I thought maybe some mittens?

And while we’re lining up holiday makes, here is my December sock yarn.

That’s four holiday makes planned for December: two sparkly cowls, one pair of mittens, and one pair of socks. That’s realistic, right?

PS: Blogville Knitters Virtual Knit today. DM me on Ravelry (alissahead) or Instagram (headknits) if you want to join in via Skype.

18 thoughts on “Sunday Year of Projects Update: Planning

  1. Your Strom Cardigan yarns are gorgeous!! It will be such a beautiful sweater you won’t want to take it off! Loving your Christmas yarns!! They are so fun to knit aren’t they?! Thanks for sharing as I’m always on the lookout for Christmas yarns. They seem to sell out so fast!!

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  2. I like your color choices for the sweater. Better than the original for my tastes!

    And there are lots of cold heads out there – you can make things and pass them on, you know. It’s the process, after all. You can’t make too many hats!

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  3. Some great yarn acquisitions! Your holiday projects are going to be so cheery and lovely 🙂 And you have some gorgeous yarns for your Strom cardigan! I am also thinking about getting some of Ramen Needles’ Christmas yarn. I’m still holding out hope she will do a mini-skein set, as I’m having trouble choosing 🙂 Really looking forward to our Water Shawl knit along – I really have to get into the stash for that one.

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  4. Oh my, where to start. That cardi is pretty and your color choices are perfect. BOth of the shawls you suggested are great. I am a huge shawl lover so they both made me smile. You have so much pretty yarn. Lots of things to knit in December. Will be fun to see how much of it you accomplish.

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  5. I’m in love with your vision for the Strom Cardigan!

    All these beautiful holiday yarns are planting the seed for me to make something festive for myself: I am NOT a festive person so this is quite the feat.

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  6. Love those tweed yarns and that sweater will be gorgeous! I love all your yarns and your plans for your Christmas cast on! I am ordering my Christmas sock yarn today and a few more supplies to get me through the holidays! LOL! Those ornaments are cute. Did you make them?

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