December 8 HoliDaily: Hibernate

This was posted on our group text for work. 😆 At least we can still laugh.
📸 Cheryl Bach

It’s been a rough few days including my fall, a positive COVID test at work, and then a car accident. No one is seriously ill or injured, for which we are thankful. Can 2020 be over yet? Can I crawl under this blanket and not emerge until 2021? If I were to make this blanket I might level up and make it a sleeping bag so I could crawl inside it! (Knitty link)

Moondrake yarn advent day 8: acorn squash! 🧡
📸 Ambah O’Brien

Liz shared some advent yarn ideas, and I’ve decided to make this shawl with my advent yarn. I am going to wait until Christmas Day to cast on so I can choose the skein order. ADVENTurous Wrap (Ravelry link)

Hopefully I will feel more festive tomorrow.

13 thoughts on “December 8 HoliDaily: Hibernate

  1. Christmas hugs to you. I’m watching cheesy Christmas movies and playing my own came of bingo…every movie has at least 5 of the following hot chocolate, workaholic, widow(er), sibling that loves christmas, ex-boyfriend, current useless boyfriend, cute kid, inanimate object that is lucky/magical, make your own…cookie, wreath, gingerbread house, a competition, town mayor or leader or prince, cute kid, someone who moved to the city but has come back to their childhood home, tree lighting, first kiss in the last scene. Have a play along and it may help raise your spirits. Perfect pattern pick from what I have seen of your advent so far.

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  2. You are having a rough week! I’m so sorry to hear about the car accident, but glad everyone is OK. Hibernating until the new year is sounding better and better 🙂 I made that shawl with my Christmas advent yarns a couple of years ago. It is a pretty fun knit. Waiting for all your yarns to be open is a great idea! With my advent, the yarns were not in any particular order for the shawl, so trying to knit them as I opened them was a bit of a disaster. Feel better!
    Also, as always, your photo is just so perfect! It shows off the yarn to perfection.

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  3. Your photos have been stunning lately. I’ve really enjoyed them. I think staying home for the rest of the year would be a good plan. I like that shawl a lot and have been thinking about making it too. I hope this week is better.


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