December 12 HoliDaily: Celtic Sheep Stocking… and More Sheep

📸 Darlene Swaim

This is a handsome Christmas stocking. I know many knitters knit their own stockings. So far I haven’t been tempted. But this one has sheep! Celtic Sheep Stocking (Ravelry link) If you knit this stocking, you might be tempted to fill it with more sheep, like these:

📸 Susan B Anderson

I’m tempted to make these, just for fun. Sheep! (Ravelry link) But what I will probably do instead is knit this Bobble Sheep Pillow.

📸 Purl Soho

Do you think knitting the bobbles will drive me nuts? Maybe. But hugging this pillow might make up for it. Bobble Sheep Pillow (Website link)

Moondrake Yarn Advent Day 12. Quartz.

12 thoughts on “December 12 HoliDaily: Celtic Sheep Stocking… and More Sheep

  1. They are some fabulous sheep. My Mum has always done little stocking gifts for us so that sheepy stocking is very tempting.
    I think the bobbles might drive you a little nuts, but it would totally be worth it for the adorable end result.

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  2. PLEASE post a photo of your face after you’ve fallen asleep on that pillow!
    I might have to make myself socks like that – between my Mom and myself, we all have hand knit stockings, but socks, with trees and sheep?

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