Deer With Little Antlers Hat

📸 tinyowlknits

“are you tired of trying to grow antlers with no luck?
then this little hat is for you!
Its perfect to wear when
hanging out with your
animal friends in the woods.
you will blend in like a charm!”

You might also wear this hat with a red nose on Christmas Eve while you’re waiting for Santa. Maybe he will bring you along for the ride! Deer With Little Antlers Hat (Ravelry link)

Christmas is less than a week away now. Are you ready? All our packages have been wrapped or mailed. We are making (and eating) lots of cookies. Cards are mailed. Decorations are up. We are really missing our kids but we’ll have the youngest here. I think we’re ready!

Moondrake Yarn Advent Day 19

6 thoughts on “Deer With Little Antlers Hat

  1. Ready??? I’d be a lot more ready if I could get out – but with nearly 3′ of snow in the driveway, I’m not going anywhere soon. And that includes to the post office to mail things. I’ve not finished knitting the promised pair of gloves. I do have the fabric to sew a cover for the sugaring arch; that will happen after I’m there, sewing machine and all. Oldest granddaughter hasn’t gotten me the measurements for the sweater she wants, so she’ll get that maybe for Valentines Day. And I’m still waiting for a request from the youngest granddaughter in Florida. I have books to mail, but I usually make something as well. Maybe I should be asking for requests in July, instead of November…

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  2. Very cute hat! I have the book this pattern is in, and keep meaning to make it. But other stuff just pushes it back down the list. One of these days! Glad you will have your youngest with you, even if you won’t be able to visit with the others. Are you planning on skyping together with them?

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