Nest Boxes for Boxing Day

📸 Fleurtje Eliza

In the last couple of years, I’ve started feeding the birds. I’ve really enjoyed watching them at the feeders. At our new home, we have wrens that nest around the house. While I have a felt birdhouse shaped like a caravan that I love, I’m wondering if I should try knitting (and maybe felting) some of these nesting boxes? They would be so colorful and fun to look at year round. This is a free pattern by Fleur Duivis. (Knotions website link)

Are you curious about Boxing Day? Me too. Wikipedia isn’t clear, either. The origin is connected to the poor and servants collecting alms for the Feast of Saint Stephen. (Wikipedia link) Another custom linked to Boxing Day is Mumming, a tradition I’ve always thought should make a comeback. Hipster mummers, please.

My Boxing Day tradition is having a clear out, which I’ve done. Now it’s time to play with yarn!

4 thoughts on “Nest Boxes for Boxing Day

  1. I’ve never heard of Mummers or Mumming. We have always gone to the pantomime on Boxing Day but of course they’ve been cancelled this year. The TV is rammed full of football matches today…not as fun as being at the pantomime shouting ‘he’s behind you’, ‘oh no he isn’t’ and ‘boohiss’ when the baddy comes out. It’s the one Christmas tradition that I am really missing this year. I follow a felted in the south of England and she has successfully felted nest homes…although I don’t know if anyone moved in.

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  2. The bird houses are really cute! It’s worth a try at least 🙂 We always used to watch the Philadelphia New Year’s Day Mummers parade, so I know a little about them. Did not know it was anything to do with boxing day. Live and learn!

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