Happy New Year!

My word for 2021 is content, both adjective and noun.

Noun: state of mind which results from satisfaction with present circumstances

Adjective: having the desire limited to present enjoyments

It’s even a verb: to rest or be satisfied; to give satisfaction to

Content is related intent, from the root word tenere, to hold or stretch. Intent is focusing on stretching outward, while content is focusing on holding. So my intention for 2021 is to focus on what I have and be content. I feel I don’t do this enough, and it prevents me from really enjoying my life as it is. I want to slow down a little, settle in, and focus on the content of my life and find the joy there. I’m in a good place right now, and I am grateful for that.

Today we’re eating black eyed peas and greens, and I hope to Skype with kids. I will call my Mom and sister. And I will knit! I hope you have a wonderful day, and wish you a happy and healthy new year!

11 thoughts on “Happy New Year!

  1. Alissa, I was trying to thank all the bloggers who work so hard all week, week after week, to bring us the creativity in their lives. I feel like we open ourselves up for scrutiny and love! Thank you for your gorgeous inspiring posts.
    I love your socks. Sweaters seem a real project and I hesitate to start the one I Want

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  2. A great word for the year. I thought I’d commented the other day but then seem to remember falling down a rabbit hole looking to see if I’d had a word last year, found a new year 2020 post of your I’d shared with your first Q & A and before I knew it I was re reading Q&A posts and answers 😂

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