One of these Things

Is not like the others. Are you singing the song? Can you guess which thing is not like the others?

I’m sitting on the fence. Should I frog it and reknit it correctly? Will I notice? It doesn’t matter if others will notice. But if I will, there’s a chance I might not wear it. It’s not even conscious. I will be giving this sweater the side eye.

Or can I embrace it? Can I say, “Yep! I’m not perfect! Look at these misplaced increases!” (Points over shoulder.) “But what a beautiful blue. And it’s so warm and cozy!”

My biggest fear is that I will frog it, and then make some other dumb mistake. Why risk it?

At least I know what happened. I dropped a couple of stitches at the beginning of the round, as one will do, and clearly misplaced the beginning of round marker. I won’t be making that mistake again. No sirree. You won’t catch me doing that twice.

I’m going to call it my 2020 sweater. That explains everything. The year, and the hindsight.

What are you working on?

I signed up for classes at the Knit City Virtual Event today. I’m so excited!

17 thoughts on “One of these Things

  1. I’d drop just enough stitches to get back to the mistake, and re-knit just that area. I’ve gotten to where that’s my usual way of correcting mistakes that aren’t all the way around. Or I’d frog it – it’s all process, after all, and it looks like a quick knit, and it’s just not that far. If I’d finished the entire sleeve I’d leave it, and know that I’m not perfect. And hey, there’s NO WRONG ANSWER!! You’re the artist!

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  2. It’d all come down to whether the sweater will get worn or not, I guess? If you feel you’ll still get good use from the sweater, then leaving it be is fine. Just go with your gut! 😉

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  3. I hate to say this, but the fact you are pondering it, and even mentioning that you might not wear it, to me rings alarm bells: I am with kayak2016blog, I would try first and drop four columns, you don’t have extra stitches, so it should be fine, and once you wash it it’ll be perfect.

    But I confess to being frogging addict, once spotted the mistake I can’t avoid obsessing about it… It is a most gorgeous blue!

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