📢 Sunday Sunday Sunday Year! Of! PROJECTS!!! (projects projects projects)


I finally finished sewing all the curtains. Adding these to the living room allowed us to rearrange the furniture, which Bob likes to do fairly regularly to rewire our brains. I was glad not have to make panels for these, although in hindsight, panels look nicer. These block out more light, though, which is nice for TV viewing.


I’m plodding away on my Lucky Number Cowl and Turtledove. And my list keeps growing. 😳

Fiber Art


I hope to finish stitching on piece number 3 today. Then next week I can frame it and lay out piece number 4.

This has been a Year of Projects Update. You can read my updated list here. You can find out more about the group here.

Today is our Blogville Knitters Virtual Knit at 1PM Eastern. If you are new and would like to join us by Skype, please DM your Skype ID to me on Instagram or Ravelry. You might also leave a comment for me to remind me to go check my messages.

29 thoughts on “📢 Sunday Sunday Sunday Year! Of! PROJECTS!!! (projects projects projects)

  1. I adore the colors and striping of your cowl. I hear such great things about the turtledove pattern so I’m looking forward to what you think of it. My friends and I were just discussing yesterday how much we have enjoyed our Zoom knitting sessions as I’m able to join even when I’m not in town. Fingers crossed attending virtually will still be good for me next winter when they are able to gather again at the local coffee house.

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  2. Your scarf is so colourfull and is going to be such a pretty thing to wear. I am so addicted to knitting mine…stripes! They are addictive. I can’t wait for your turtle dove to be finished. I do love my 2 and hope you like yours. At first I wasn’t sure but soon found I loved wearing it. See you later.


  3. Good job on the curtains. I bet it felt good to finish those. The cowl is so pretty. I really like the colors on it. I wish it got cold enough here to warrant a sweater like Turtle Dove. I think it is a lovely pattern. Your fiber art is very nice. Good earthy colors. Have a great week.

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  4. The curtains look great! Do they get bulky on the rods while open, since quite some fabric would bunch up there? We were thinking of sewing some new curtains too, and this style looks good while not requiring crazy sewing skills (I hope.)

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