Lucky Number (Litmus) Cowl

I finished my Lucky Number Cowl, otherwise known as the Litmus Cowl (Ravelry link). I really enjoyed knitting it, and I enjoy wearing it even more. It’s soft. It’s warm. It goes with everything. The colors make me happy. It doesn’t get in my way like bulkier scarves do. Yarn is Moondrake Co 2020 Advent. I have about half of my Advent yarn leftover. I may use it for matching mittens or a hat, or maybe I’ll just save it for a scrap blanket that will happen some day.

The orange and green stripe is my favorite.

It has been a bit of a rough week, but I’m looking forward to participating in The Woolly Thistle’s Colorwork Accessory Knit Along. Tomorrow is the cast on party. And starting March 1 is our Blogville Water Shawl Knit Along, which I’m really excited about.

What are you working on? Are you staying warm? Are you as grateful for warm, wooly knits right now, as I am?

20 thoughts on “Lucky Number (Litmus) Cowl

  1. Your Litmus cowl turned out just beautiful! It is so pretty and flattering 🙂 I’m trying to clear the deck for our Water shawl KAL, plus the first Confident Knitting project will be published the same day! I’m not sure the yarn will be here though – we ordered the kits from AC Knitwear and they have been stuck at Heathrow since 2/6. So I may be doing that a bit later. What pattern are you doing for the Colorwork Accessory KAL?

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  2. This is such a lovely project. I might have to make a scrappy one someday. I was tempted to cast on something else new but like some of the others, I’m pretending to focus on clearing the decks for the Water shawl. (It won’t happen.)

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  3. It’s beautiful! ❤ Love how neat your stitches are, love the colors, love the soft look (and feel) of the yarn. It's getting hotter here, and I'll soon switch from grumbling about the cold to grumbling about the heat, lol… But right now, it's good. 🙂

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  4. Your cowl looks great, I love the pops of turquoise in it. I finished knitting a pair of socks for my husband today. He’s size 12 but strangely they’ve been one of the quickest pairs I’ve knit 🤷🏻‍♀️.


  5. Oh, wow!! That cowl is just stunning on you! I have to admit, I wasn’t a total fan of the knit when you were showing it off before, but now that I see how it looks worn I am plopping that pattern into my Ravelry library right now. I have soooo much left over yarn lurking in my stash that this is a great way to use of a little of it. I’m also considering the Hocus Pocus socks to use up stash.

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