Saturday: I’m Makin’ It

I’ve got a chance. I’m takin’ it. Do you remember that show? I’m old. I remember it. Is that the same guy from An American Werewolf in London? It is, isn’t it. David Naughton.

I joined The Woolly Thistle’s Colorwork Accessory KAL and I’m really enjoying this slipstitch pattern Kenora Toque. Look at my loopy floats.

I donated a handknit cowl made with the merino yarn I was given in Kenya to our fundraiser silent auction at work. The winner chose vermillion for the color (one of my favorite colors!) and I dyed the yarn today.

I sewed my project bag for our Water shawl KAL. I have enough fierce merpeople fabric to sew three more bags: one for Marilee, one for Bonny, and one for…? Even the fish are giving attitude on this fabric. I love it so much. I’m making a gradient bag for Sarah. I’m not sure what Laura wants yet. Am I missing anyone? Our KAL starts March 1.

When I look at the mermaid with the ship on her head, I think about the film Revolution with Nastassja Kinski. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen that film, but I remember it having stunning costumes.

What are you making today? Are you watching any old films from your youth?

21 thoughts on “Saturday: I’m Makin’ It

  1. Now I have that song in my head. Thanks Alissa! I love your project bag. I can’t cast on another project, so I will enjoy watching the KAL from blogville. I am planning on watching Spinal Tap; my husband (a musician) has never seen it. Before I divorce him, I should at least give him the chance, right??? hahaha!

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  2. I was thinking about doing the Woolley Thistle KAL but decided to work on my WIPs so I can start the Water KAL on March 1. I need to cake up my yarn for it. Your yarn dying adventures inspire me to try my hand at it. The mermaid bag looks wonderful.

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  3. Your hat and the yarn are both lovely 🙂 I’m so excited to get going on our KAL! I do remember that show. Not sure what we are watching tonight – we just got through all the Marvels. Maybe something interesting on National Geographic?

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  4. So much eye candy in this post Alissa! And really nice palette too – that Rauma is so rich, and so is that vermillion, such jawdroppingly beautiful hues, I do envy the lucky recipient. And then the cooler tones of your last picture – a joy to read and admire! 😍

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  5. The Buffalo plaid will be amazing with those colors, and your dye job is heavenly! I am so tempted to try the Water shawl, but I don’t wear shawls ever, or scarf things either, so I hesitate. I keep looking at that Hawthorne tonal, thinking there’s two skein, but that is supposed to be a sock experiment…😑🧶. I don’t have time for the KAL, if I want to do the Sewing Bee….choices, choices!

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