Put a Pom Pom on it!

In the before times, you wouldn’t have caught me with a phony fur pom pom on my head. Or, for that matter, speckles in my yarn or a fade on my being. But I can admit when I’m wrong. I was wrong about these things.

You know why? Because knitting should be whatever makes us happy. I think I was taking my knitting WAY too seriously, don’t you? So here’s my Kenora Toque in Rauma Strikkegarn with a pom pom! (Rav link)

Very happy and look how well it matches my duffle coat.

I’m also really, really excited to tell you I am now on the sleeves of my Turtledove! I cannot wait to wear this so I will probably focus on it until I finish it. It’s very soft and squishy. Also, I want you to know, that after knitting the Cocoknits method, I will never, ever try to pick up and knit underarm stitches again. I will (and did) cast on enough stitches on the sleeve to match the underarm, then I will seam it when I’m done. That way I won’t have those weird holes and ladders that I can’t unsee and pretend aren’t there.

Speaking of fades, I’ve decided to knit a Boxy fade (Rav link). I splurged on a yarn fade bundle from La Bien Aimee. It’s my first time ordering from her, but I’ve been drooling since Knit City.

I also ordered some really nice plaid flannel fabric that I had intended to make PJs with, but it is too nice. It wants to be a dress. So I’m sewing this raglan dress. I love it so much, I also ordered some beautiful blue cotton shirting to make a summertime one. I have a lot of projects to add to my Year of Projects list, don’t I?

I’ve been a little down lately, so I haven’t been blogging much. That probably explains all the splurging. I have one last splurge to share.

This print is from a UK artist who made this for Shetland Wool Week 2020. I’ve been waiting for her Etsy shop to be restocked. Now I just have to find a suitable frame. I will hang it in my studio and gaze upon it lovingly and sigh.

How are you doing? Are you okay? I haven’t really been that okay, and a friend recently asked me straight up how I was. It helped to just be able to say, I am not okay. We lost a family member recently, a dear “Uncle” who was technically not my biological uncle, but he was my Dad’s best friend, and my best friend’s Dad, and definitely an important Uncle to me. We were close when we lived in Oklahoma City, and he was there for me during my separation and divorce, and helped me get back on my feet financially. He helped us get back on our feet financially after my Dad died, too, though I was too young to understand that at the time. So, feeling sad but appreciative. Godspeed Uncle Jack. ❤

Also, I am feeling depleted. As I am sure many of us are after a year of living through a pandemic.

But how are you? Please spill your beans in the comments, if you like.

31 thoughts on “Put a Pom Pom on it!

  1. All things considered (Mom started hospice, Covid everywhere, mud season starting) I’m doing great. Hospice means we are allowed to visit Mom, so 5 or 6 times a week, one of us goes to spend an hour or two with her – after a year of very limited visits, and not seeing her since November because of the pandemic. I’m tested for Covid with a PCR test weekly, and a rapid test every time I go see Mom – all negative so far, obviously. Because she’s in Connecticut, I’m not in Vermont to “enjoy” mud season – I go up once a week to feed and snuggle the cat, spend one night in my own bed, drive my volunteer stint, and get a PCR test. Things are getting to the point where I’ll start bringing a kayak down here, and get out on the water, which will start getting my body back in shape. I’m getting lots of knitting done. Life’s not all great, but it’s all good enough.

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  2. Wow. Depleted is such a perfect word. For how you are feeling, for how so many are feeling. I love your hat. I am so sorry for the loss of ‘Uncle Jack’; I have experienced a similar loss and it is devastating even though they are not blood. I am wondering if we (collectively) need spring. Enough grey. Enough inside. Enough everything. I love that you found a way to eliminate the holes under the arms of your sweater and I am dying to learn more about it.
    Don’t despair, Alissa…better days are ahead. We, your collective blog family, have your back and will see you through this. I wish you peace and I am sending you love. Regina

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    1. Aw, thank you Regina! I appreciate that. I am so lucky to have this Blogville community. I am so sorry for your loss. Maybe you’re right about spring. I am looking forward to some sunshine and gardening. It will be good to spend more time outside.

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  3. Sorry that you are feeling down. I really like your hat, and your new projects. Maybe working on them will lift you.
    I have another birthday this week-end, and I’m not feeling too happy about aging. This is the first year in almost twenty that the daffodils are not in bloom for my birthday; But today I got my second COVID jab. So I say, things are looking up! Spring is coming to Oklahoma and soon we will be on the road again.

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  4. Alyssa, you are in my heart and my thoughts. I’m sorry you are feeling depleted. Im sorry for your loss. I have found great psychiatrists that have helped me so much. If you need or want to see someone, I know that during COVID, many are not charging your co=pay . They just take what your insurance will allow.
    I stared virtually seeing a therapist in January. She’s a delight. We are working on my big issues around travel. As soon as we are vaccinated we ARE going to see zach. I must get ready to think about travel differently. I can put something down on paper, that I will talk to her about, say…next week when I have an appointment. Just knowing I’ve written down helps.

    Be extra nice to you. You are worth nurturing. You will not always feel this way. Emotions are like relatives, they come and they go. I’ll be checking on you, We are all here for you. Try to lose yourself in something for just 5 minutes a day. I just read that holding an ice cube in each hand will force you to think about that! Its worth a try.
    hugs .hugs hugs

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    1. Thank you, Kathy! I do see a therapist and it does help. Glad you are also doing that. I do need to take some self care time. I look forward to reading about your trip to see Zach. Hugs! ❤️

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  5. I am so sorry for your loss – it’s always so difficult losing someone so close to you and someone you have known your whole life. And having it come on top of what has been a long and very stressful and draining year is not helping, I’m sure. Do take time to rest and take care of yourself – it is important!
    I love your new print – it is really lovely 🙂 Your hat is beautiful and looks great with your coat, and your Turtledove is turning out just beautiful!

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  6. Really like your hats, and the jumper looks great. What a good idea for the underarms. I will do that next time I’m knitting in the round. Definitely.

    I do understand how low you must be feeling. Depleted is an excellent way to describe it. It’s good to say so, too, because that not only acknowledges your feelings but also, somehow, by articulating them, reduces their power.

    Hoping you start to feel better soon.

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  7. You look so beautiful in that blue Turtle Dove, the colour is stunning on you. I don’t think my Turtle Doves have holes under the arm but I think it’s because I’m a tight knitted and tied a knot with the 2 ends. Your hat is cute and I love a pom pom. They are impractical here because we get so much rain and my rain hood doesn’t fit over but I have a detachable one that I reattach when it’s cold and sunny and it does bring me joy. If something brings you joy then that’s the main thing. I am really sorry about the loss of your ‘uncle’s, who was such an important support in your life. I haven’t been so great some days and was feeling guilty about not felting, guilty about not using my big loom, feeling bad I live off my husband’s money…its so easy to let my mind go off and find things to beat myself up about…not walking enough, weight gain, buying things and not using them, not reading all the blogs I follow every day etc etc. Plus 2 of my best friends are getting divorced from their husbands and struggling financially.
    We had our eucalyptus tree cut down and the last couple of days I have had ladies from the Guild (and Loch Ness Knits) to pick up leaves and it’s been so nice to actually interact face to face. Even if it’s from 10ft away and briefly. Us still being in lockdown here is frustrating and as we approach the 1st anniversary of lockdown it seems to add to the exhaustion with it all. But I’m very fortunate, I haven’t had the virus and nor has a direct family member, we are fortunate that my husband’s job can be done from home and we have a nice house and our beautiful dog.

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      1. Yes, hopefully it works as it cost no more or less for them to leave some for everyone and they may all have ended up with boot (trunk) fulls of leaves for no reason. If it works I may buy a skein from Loch Ness Knits lady who took some too.

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  8. Hi Alissa, I am really sorry for your loss of Dear Uncle Jack. He obviously cared for you a great deal, and thought of you as his own. Losing someone so special takes a lot out of you, no wonder you feel depleted. I’m glad you have support at home to help you through. Wish I could walk I. Your front door and give you a big hug! Last night was especially hard here, and I was pretty discouraged this am, but the sun is shining and it’s going to be a beautiful day. I am so blessed compared to so many, I need to spend some time reflecting on that, and get outside!

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  9. I’m sure you have many happy memories of Uncle Jack who sounds like a very special person. Splurging is good for the soul so get it all off your chest and off your needles. A pin pin always cheers me up! Take care Alissa ❤️

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  10. I’m so sorry you’ve been struggling, and I hope that time and spring and furry pompoms work their magic so that things look up soon. Yes, depleted is very accurate and I’ve been feeling much the same. So many worries about work & kids & house renovations & pandemic…it’s draining. Thank goodness for knitting friends! Sending a hug your way!

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  11. So sorry for your loss, Alissa – hope the memories you carry of him always warm your heart. And hope we’re all kind to ourselves and take the time to look after ourselves and each other in these times – it’s definitely needed more than ever.
    Your projects are beautiful. The hat with the pompom looks really good on you – I’ve never been much of a pompom person, but recently, I found myself checking out how I can make one – people’s preferences change indeed! 🙂 I’m looking forward to seeing the dress too – a raglan dress seems so novel to me even though I’m used to the concept of a raglan sweater. As for the print – it’s awesome, and I hope it brings you serenity when you look at it.

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