Saturday Sweater, Because Alliteration is Fun

I finished my Turtledove (Rav project page) and I love it. I was inspired to make it because Liz made two, she loves to wear hers so much. It was an easy, quick, straightforward knit, which I enjoy. And it’s my favorite color. Pattern is Turtledove by Espace Tricot (Rav link). Yarn is Cascade Eco in color Twilight.

I removed the background in this photo because it was taken on carpet. Let’s have some fun with that.

Saturday Sweater in a Starry Sky
Saturday Sweater on Snow
Saturday Sweater with Sheep

There are many more fun things I could do with this sweater, like turn it into an Asteroids ship or have it rocketing to the moon, but that takes a lot of time and I would rather knit. Well maybe just one…

Shooting Star Sweater

I needed that. Here’s a photo of the underarm seams.

Not gorgeous but much better than I could do picking up stitches. I cast on six stitches on the sleeve side and used a mattress stitch to seam them.

Now I’m off to knit knit knit on my Water Shawl, and hopefully take a walk in nature this afternoon. What are you doing today?

18 thoughts on “Saturday Sweater, Because Alliteration is Fun

  1. I’m so glad you took precious knitting time to play with backgrounds – your sweater as comet streaking through the sky is great! Today I did simple chores, went to visit Mom for a couple of hours, wove in ends on a set of knit coasters, did a little knitting, will do a little more when I’ve caught up on e-mail!

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  2. It is just beautiful, and really lovely on you! Love the background (AND alliteration) fun! I don’t know what I’m doing today. It will definitely involve some knitting. How much? It remains to be seen 🙂

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