YOPing on a Sunday

I updated my Year of Projects (YOP) list today, and it felt good — a reminder of why I should keep doing Year of Projects.

Fiber Art

I reached out to the gallery owner to share my work so far, and make sure the show was still on in September. And it is! So yesterday I looked through my photos for inspiration. I think I will spend some time sketching today. I have four pieces completed, although the fourth is in the still-hemming-and-hawing-and-stitching phase.


I’ve been working on my Water shawl since I finished Turtledove. I’m almost to the short row panes.

I also need to cast on the Getting Warmer cowl (Rav link) for the silent auction winner for our fundraiser at work This will be a nice mindless knit for when Water is too challenging for my evening brain.


📸 The Avid Seamstress

This is the raglan dress I’m making in the plaid flannel, although I think I will make the sleeves elbow length and a little more fitted than these.

📸 The Avid Seamstress

Here’s the short sleeved version which I will make in a blue cotton shirting. They have a tutorial on their website if you would like more information about this dress. Today my plan is to piece the pattern together.

This has been a Year of Projects Update. You can read my updated list here. You can find out more about the group here.

Bonus content: I am trying my hand at making vanilla extract. At work we are developing a partnership with a Fair Trade vanilla bean farm. Extract is super easy to make. I split the beans and dropped them in vodka. They have only been in there 2 days and it already smells amazing!

18 thoughts on “YOPing on a Sunday

  1. Pretty color on the water shawl. You are the second person who is making this. It is a very pretty shawl too. I like the dress pattern you have chosen. It looks so free and comfy. Will be fun to see how you adjust it for you. Making your own vanilla extract looks like an easy and fun thing to do. I bet it is a lot more cost effective too.

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  2. My husband made vanilla extract like this last year. It was not a cheap project, with the cost of vanilla beans. He also bought a case of little screw-top jars in amber color glass for storing the extract. It took six months of infusing to get the recommended strength. But it sure is tasty!

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  3. I love the vanilla home batch! I’m glad you had a good time organizing your knit plans. That dress will be so sweet on you!. I would not make it that loose either. The Water Shawl is just lovely in your hands!

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  4. I recognize that project bag!! Perfect for holding your shawl project. That cowl looks like a very nice prize for your fundraiser. Congrats on your homemade vanilla. It makes a terrific gift for a baker but with the cost of vanilla beans now, a rather expensive gift.

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  5. In Sri Lanka we went to a herb and spice garden and they had green vanilla pods growing on the trees looking like string beans! The pattern looks great, I don’t wear dresses but if I did then one like this to hide my pooh bear tum would be ideal. I look forward to seeing your versions.

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  6. The water shawl is off to a good start! LOve the bag and the yarn. I “faved” the cowl for sure. I love it! I’ve seen it before but never knew the pattern for it. Thank you! Those dresses are darling. I would like the first one for a tunic top. I agree on the sleeves as open sleeves like that get caught on things easily and I find them dangerous. I have been wanting to make my own vanilla too but I found the supplies to be pretty pricey and it is just me, myself, and I so not sure it is worth it. Enjoy your week! I can’t wait to see your dresses!

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  7. The shawl and your project bag are a perfect match!!

    I love the dresses. They look like they will be really comfortable and unfussy to wear. Bonus: great canvases to showcase beautiful knits.

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