Saturday Sewing

I struggled to get good photos today. But here I am wearing the new raglan dress I made, holding the yarn I ordered to knit a matching cardigan. It’s not a perfect match but I think it’s close enough.

Orange zipper for the win.

Pattern is The Raglan Dress by The Avid Seamstress. I recommend this pattern. I was able to sew mine in a couple of hours. It fits really well and I don’t want to take it off. Fabric is Mammoth Flannel in Adventure Blue by Robert Kauffman from Sew to Speak. I did try to match my plaids, but didn’t manage it as well as I would have liked. I’m definitely sewing this dress again. The only thing I didn’t understand is they don’t tell you to use interfacing on the neckline facings, but I did anyway.

My next sewing project will be these overalls in this brushed cotton twill. My goal is to make an entire wardrobe of loose clothing so I don’t ever have to wear anything tight around my waist again.

24 thoughts on “Saturday Sewing

  1. That’s a goal that I’d like to borrow too! 🙂 The dress is so captivating – you did a wonderful job, and the orange zipper is totally a perfect match. The yarn looks lovely too – can’t wait to see the cardigan. (Hope you’ll make sure the cardigan doesn’t snag on the zipper – I almost ruined one once, and never paired the two garments again.)

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  2. That’s really good. You are multi-talented. The yarn is exactly the right colour. I also have a rule to never wear anything uncomfortable, including shoes, even for a party. It’s an excellent rule. I’ve been living by it for at least 25 years now and it works. 😊

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  3. #1 you look great. I hope you feel great. or at least better!!!
    I love your dress. I love your goal! The Duluth trading company has some overalls ……just in case things go so well, everyone is asking you to make them

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    1. I posted socks I made on Instagram, and someone asked me how they could get a pair of handmade socks. I suggested she learn how to knit and she said that wasn’t the answer she was looking for. 😆


  4. What a cute and comfy looking dress. And it looks great with the black tights. You are a very photogenic model – I look forward to future photos of your garments. I’m chuckling at compassionknit’s suggestion above. Yes… I can see you getting lots of requests for sewing things for others. 🙂

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  5. Oh my gosh, you look amazing! What do you mean the yarn isn’t a perfect match! This is going to be such a great ensemble. As for the ‘bibbies’? I had a pair in purple corduroy; I wore them until the seat was threadbare!

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