Alissa and Bob Versus Nature

Alissa 1, Virginia Creeper 0

Bob and I worked in the garden this morning. It was exhausting!


The next steps are to drill holes in the drainage pipe, add gravel over the pipe to facilitate drainage, level out the existing soil, cover it with landscaping fabric to kill as many of the weeds that we can, and add a foot or so of garden soil on the top. Then I can plant baby plants!

Virginia Creeper was not going quietly. It fought back by thwacking us in the face multiple times. I think it spit in my eye once. I obtained great satisfaction digging up and pulling out the long roots. Bob started calling it, “Virginia Creeper versus Oklahoma Alissa.” I think I prefer to be called Tenacious A. I won the battle, but I’m sure Virginia Creeper will win the war. So the plan is to continue to cut it back regularly while weeding and hope it gives in to human perseverance someday. There are also some trees in the garden that we will have to work around, but they aren’t as invasive so we will take a live and let live approach with them.

Have you started any spring gardening yet? Do you have any tenacious weeds that won’t go quietly? Do you have any tips? What are you planting this year?

13 thoughts on “Alissa and Bob Versus Nature

  1. Looking good!!! Wow!!! Just now started some bell pepper and tomato seeds, but I started a little late so I’ll probs just buy plants.

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  2. Congratulations! That Virginia Creeper is a beast. People near us battle Bittersweet. We are fortunate that it has no invaded our yard.
    My husband is planning his garden. He has big ideas after last year. I’m going to mostly stay out of his way:)

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  3. If you can keep the Creepy Creeper from getting leafy, you will starve it to death and Awesome Alissa will WIN! I had to do that with invasive honeysuckle, and it still shows up here and there, but for the most part it’s gone. I no longer do a garden – I tend to be gone when things need water or weeding or picking, and I have lots of friends who plant more than they can deal with! Last year I had one Sungold tomato plant, my token garden.

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  4. Good Job!!! Va Creeper is a doozie to get rid of! But keep at it Tenacious Alissa!!! Love you…..

    M&P …..will call in about an hour…..

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  5. Well done! The bane of my garden life is bindweed and quack grass. I planted peas outside right before the snow, so maybe we’ll see something soon. We also got the onions in. I planted flats of broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, tomatoes and anaheims, and all but the Anaheim’s are sprouting.

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  6. LOL! Congratulations, Tenacious A! You guys really got a lot done in your garden! It is always satisfying, if tiring, to get your yard and garden looking the way you want it too. Can’t wait to see your progress pictures!

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  7. Wooohoooo!! The thrill of victory! For my husband and I it is bittersweet; something I love in the wild, but so invasive to our plants. I was out this weekend, peeking at the gardens and eyeing my big mound of mulch with a bit of the devil in my eye.

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  8. Yay, good job! We have a different creeping vine in our yard that I detest, but I also detest yard work, so I just cut it back when it infringes too much. I bet you were feeling pretty darn good after all this!

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