Eager Beaver Gets the Job Done

I feel like an entire year of pent up pandemic energy exploded this week!

The Just Craft is now available on Stitcher, Spotify, and Apple Podcasts. Google Podcasts had already indexed my episodes — which I didn’t know — but I’ve submitted the new feed to them. I‘ve got two exciting interviews lined up. And James is going to interview me for Podcast Tactics! Now I need to come up with a new logo concept.

I am the cow’s tail (as my Mother and Grandparents would say) on the Water shawl KAL. (That means I’m behind everyone else.) But I did finally finish the second lace short row section. It’s been a rough week, and I have to pay attention when I’m knitting this. The good news is that the lace is repetitive, and I think I can read my knitting now. That should make it go more quickly and easily.

I received my yarn for the Beaver KAL. I ordered Bougie Beaver but oops received Saturday Night Beaver. It’s really pretty and is very close to another yarn I have in my stash. Weirdly close. A little more gold, though. I really wanted Bougie Beaver for my Jessica Jones Cowl, so I ordered another skein, this time in Solo Fingering. I left an order note indicating to send me Bougie Beaver, please and thank you. I’m sure they are overwhelmed with eager KAL beavers.

I am making an effort to not order anymore superwash yarn after this. Here’s an article from Woolful that talks about reasons why superwash wool is not environmentally sustainable. This isn’t new information to me, it’s just that I hadn’t really wrapped my brain around just how many dyers are using superwash wool and how, now, if I order yarn online without paying close attention, it’s likely to be superwash. My eyes are agog at the colors, and I don’t stop to think about the environmental cost. I have purged my stash of some, but not all. I don’t even like the hand of superwash for garments for myself, to be honest. I may use what’s left in my stash for knitting for family and friends who will likely throw their garments in the washer and dryer.

Here’s my second Rikke hat I’m knitting in Malabrigo Arroyo. Oops. It’s sport weight instead of DK. I went down a needle size because my last Rikke was a little big and floppy. I hope this one fits! This is the Anniversario colorway, and it is really pretty.

This is my most recent yarn purchase. It’s my favorite wool from my favorite farm. And hopefully I will soon get to meet Clancy, the sheep. This is the same yarn I used to make my Paris Toujours shawl that I wear all the time. It’s my favorite garment. Maybe I’ll even get to meet Hollis, the sheep who provided the wool for my shawl? I need to decide what color to dye it, although it’s very pretty as is.

11 thoughts on “Eager Beaver Gets the Job Done

  1. Gorgeous luster on Clancy’s yarn! And oldest granddaughter washed her cashmere blend sweater appropriately – it was her spouse that made it the size of a doll sweater!! So she only gets washable yarn; the next is an acrylic blend.

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  2. Some water rushes and cascades past and some meanders slowly so just because your water is meandering makes it no less beautiful. 😉 That’s interesting about the super wash as that really helped curb my yarn buying this year as I decided to stop buying super wash and have enough sock yarn in stash to make socks for me for life already. I’ve already found a non-superwash advent yarn supplier for this christmas.

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  3. You’ve got a lot of knitting news and new purchases! The Saturday Night Beaver is really pretty, but definitely different from Bougie Beaver 🙂 Can’t wait to see your Beav Along project(s)! Also, congratulations on all your great podcast news – so exciting!

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  4. I love your shawl. The color is perfect for it. I try to stay away from superwash, but find it very difficult to find sock yarn that isn’t superwash. I love your new yarn. I think I’m slowly becoming someone who only knits with yarn from small farms and mills. I will have to win the lottery before I fully make the transition.

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    1. When it comes to knitting, my eyes are definitely bigger than my — whatever the knitting analogy is for stomach. I don’t need nearly as much yarn as I think I need. But now I am looking for an advent that isn’t superwash. Any suggestions?

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  5. You are a busy beaver. All the yarns are gorgeous, and the shawl and hat are coming along nicely. While I love all the indie-dyed yarns, I don’t find them very warm. I am a lucky gal in that I can wear all things wool without getting an itch, so there is plenty of woolly wool in my life.

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